Issues of Identity Essay Example

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Date:  2022-09-21

The feeling of possessing a sense of belonging within the society that one is involved with is one of the best feelings to have as an individual (Burnett, 72). The society consists typically of the integration of various elements, specifically, intercultural communication that identifies a particular group of people. Intercultural communication is basically, the dissemination of information either verbally or non-verbally from one person to another within different cultural groups. Therefore, it becomes imperative that a person can identify themselves with a particular group of people in society.

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Immigrants are one of the most affected people especially when it comes to issues of identity. The united states have over the years been regarded as the state that accommodates the most significant number of immigrants from across the globe. These immigrants visit the United States, yet it becomes hard for them to fit within the society they are not conversant with. To begin with, communication language becomes one of the major issues for such immigrants. The point at which one word is standardised as a form of communication becomes very hard for people who do not know the language to start adapting (Burnett 77). Language, therefore, possess one of the most significant issues that immigrants face. It becomes challenging for someone to pass information if yet no common language is used during communication.

Nevertheless, the accent and pronunciation of words kick. People from different cultural set up come up with different emphasis and dialect in the pronunciation of words which hinders effective communication. English has however been used as a standard form of communication where different immigrants appear to be involved.

The dressing code of people varies from place to place. Various people across the globe can be identified by the type of dressing code they use which varies between regions in the society. For example, the Zulu in South Africa can easily be traced across the globe by the sheer look at the dress code they engage in. Immigrants usually do find a hard time of adjusting to the new dress code of the people they meet. The dress code is essential in the identification of a person's sense of belonging to a particular cultural society. In the United States, for example, there are different dressing styles within the various states that one is in which makes someone unique. For instance, the dressing of cowboy hats among men and women will render one to be identified as a person from the Texas states (Deter-Dekard 71). The dressing code is, therefore, one of the measures of identity that immigrants need to be aware.


Occupation of a person classifies one to a certain group of people. Occupation is what defines the way of living of people from different backgrounds in which a particular society identifies themselves with (Deter-Dekard). Immigration of people to a new cultural environment makes someone to be puzzled on the sense of belonging. The identity of a person does heavily rely on what occupation one is involved. In conclusion, it can be said that various issues do affect the identity of a particular cultural group of people within society. Language is one of the biggest hinderance especially for immigrants to understand and identify themselves with a group of people in society. Cultural diversity in the world today can be 'blamed' as the root of all issues that are associated with the identity.

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