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The World Trade Center terror attack which happened on September 11th, 2001 was considered one of the most gruesome attacks to ever occur on U.S soil. It claimed the lives of almost 3,000 innocent people and can, therefore, be considered the most crucial event to occur in American history ("Terror Attacks of September 11, 2001"). It should, however, be noted that despite the casualties sustained, the 9/11 attacks cannot really be considered the most important event in history worldwide simply because there have been even much more severe attacks and catastrophes which have led to the loss of so many lives and property but the mere fact that the United States is a first world country means that there are many activities happening within the U.S and this is exactly what heightened the magnitude of the significance of this 9/11 attacks.

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In Britain, there have been about three instances similar to the 9/11 terrorist attacks which involved the hijacking of planes and using them as missiles but luckily the relevant forces have thwarted all these attempts ("Britain Faced Three Attacks Similar to 9/11 - Times of India"). One of the most significant events that are sure to be remembered throughout history is the Holocaust where eleven million people were murdered, six million Jews and the rest of various descents. Adolf Hitler's attacks in juxtaposition to the 9/11 attacks makes it look like a needle in a bunch of nails eventually making this event the most significant in the global history. What makes it involve the whole world is the fact that five million people from different parts of the world were also involved therefore an event to consider important worldwide.

There has never been any recording throughout our generation whereby in order for a country to exercise their superiority and dictatorship, they order the death of innocent men, women, and children of a specific ethnicity for the sake of their demonstration of power ("Holocaust"). This is what makes this event unique because, in our current ages, those dictatorship times have long gone meaning that the likelihood of such an event to occur once again is quite low. There have been numerous other terrorist threats in the United States but none as major as the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks also making it one of kind. However, other countries may consider the attack to be significant only if it has impacted them somehow but otherwise such a tragedy cannot be considered important to other countries.

The numerous attempt to recur the 9/11 attacks over in Britain have failed but are a vivid implication that the possibility of such a similar attack is pretty high (9/11 Facts: The World Trade Center and The 9/11 Attacks | 911Truth.Org). On the other hand, there has never been an attempt to do what Adolf Hitler and his German government did in the Holocaust; therefore, showing just how massive and preposterous this act was leaving a mark on the world and hence making it may qualify as the most significant historical occurrence ("Holocaust"). It will be remembered by generations to come worldwide whereas the 9/11 attacks will be remembered by the United States mainly and a few other non-residents worldwide. In the long run, the two involve deaths of innocent lives as a result of a sadistic individual involved.

It is without question that natural calamities have recently to be watched out for thanks to the diminishing human activities and general lifestyle of the 21st century. From cutting down trees to littering the oceans, all these combined create the butterfly effect towards nature and cause global warming which should also be something important to consider. In March 2011, the North Pacific coast in Japan was hit with a 9.0 magnitude earthquake that wrecked the grounds and caused a massive tsunami killing over 18,000 people ("2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: Facts, FAQs, and How to help"). This is close to six times the casualties recorded the United Stated attack yet it still cannot be considered the most important in history because it did not affect majority of the world.

Indonesia is also well known for having tsunamis and earthquakes from time to time for it had the most active volcanoes on earth hence the much activity but since it does not bear much relevance to the world; their calamities are not considered with sufficient seriousness as in juxtaposition to the first world countries reaction and even consideration of identifying it as the most important thing to ever occur in history. Something else that can be considered to be another important event in history is when the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 was passed thanks to Dr. Martin Luther King leading a peaceful protest in the labor market (Kirk, 2014). This civil rights movement was the wakeup call that the black people had been waiting for in order to taste freedom and therefore this was a major event in history for both the blacks living in America as well as all other black people for their acknowledgment.

Going through all these diverse incidents throughout history, it is a vivid depiction that one cannot consider anyone specific event and term it as the most important in history as a result of diversity as well as the proximity of the impact. Our conclusion can, therefore, be that there is really no event that can be termed as the most important in history. For some reason, each event surpasses the other in significance as a result of ethnicity, geographical perspective or even the outcome of their impacts so we can conclude that each event is relevant in its own dimension and hence important in history.

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