Is Online Education Better Than Classroom Education - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-10-17


High-speed internet has changed the face of learning immensely, in today's world one need not stay in a classroom with a lecturer or professor when one can study at the comfort of his house. It has resulted in society dividing into two different ways of thinking on the education. Many people have come to terms with the dynamics of technology, both young and old generations. The society should learn to embrace and balance both methods of learning instead of trying to substitute one another, and in so doing will ensure a successful model of education. Online education can never be better than classroom education they can only coexist harmoniously.

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Distance learning which in this case is online learning is a mode of learning that runs through a computer network. The objective of online learning is to give the students a platform tailored to individual students, which is impossible in a classroom. Online learning or rather learning by doing it seems to be more engaging and useful. For those who advocate for classroom learning, they believe that online learning isolates the students from one another as well as their tutors, which diminishes the overall picture of taking the course. Learning in a classroom develops a mutual connection between the instructor and the students. The notion of the class atmosphere is embraced by many since the students can ask questions, mingle with their classmates, join class discussions and the process of moves on through participation. The face-to-face contact is real in a sense the other classmate is visible, whereas online chatting is almost similar but at a distance. Therefore, the only difference is the actual existence on a real-time basis. With online learning, we can agree that it is quite convenient since it is flexible and can be done at the convenience of the person, but it can never replace a classroom. A classroom advocates responsibility; somebody has to be on time for classes, finish the continuous assessment tests since the lecturer will always be there to examine the progress. Unlike the case on the latter, since they are their manager and in such a case most the of the time can be wasted if somebody does not have moral principles.

More colleges are offering courses online; most of these students are working full-time jobs or students who find it comfortable to study privately. The naked reality is that if none of the above the individual studying online must be suffering from other conditions such as low esteem, lack of self-awareness or afraid of a crowd. The student may be having a medical condition or an allergy of some type because it is against nature for a person to seclude himself or herself. Therefore, as much as we want to credit to online learning, classroom learning will always outdo distance learning.

The only thing that can happen is for the two disciplines to coexist mainly due to other factors that may not allow an individual to be in a classroom.

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