Investing in US Companies: Amazon, Walmart, AmerisourceBergen

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The three United States companies that I will invest in its stock are Amazon Company, Walmart Company, and AmerisourceBergen Corporation. Out of the total $100,000, I will invest $40,000, $30,000, and $30,000 respectively.

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Walmart Company

Using the yahoo finance website, there has been the researching of the performances of Walmart Company. In the purchase of its stocks, the price per share is $122.48 . The stocks of the corporation are listed in New York Stock Exchange (O'Connor & Clare, 8). Walmart Corporation is an American multinational retail corporation operating a chain of hypermarkets, grocery stores, as well as discount department stores. It has its headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. The company operates in the retail industry.

Source: are some products dealt with by Walmart Company in its retail business operations. They make up the Great Value line and include frozen dinners, cinnamon rolls, light bulbs, canned foods, frozen vegetables, sliced bread, pies, buttermilk biscuits, trash bags, and many other traditional grocery stores (O'Connor & Clare, 14). Some of the images of such products are:

The criterion used to select Walmart is its rise in revenues from $510.33 million to $519.93 million from 2018 to 2019, which also acts as a criterion for its measurement (O'Connor & Clare, 24).

As already brought out the purchase price per share is $122.48. $30,000 was invested in the purchase of the shares, which totalled 244.938 shares. When selling, the high and low closing prices of shares was $123.73 and $123.72 respectively. Using the share selling price of $123.73, the total profit per share was $1.25. Therefore, a total of $306.1725 profit was made when the shares from Walmart Corporation were sold.

Base on the purchase price, the dividend amount and yield is $2.16.

The performance of Walmart Corporation stock overtime

Source: Company

Using the yahoo finance website in the search of information, the purchase price of shares from Amazon Company was $2,401.10. The stocks of the company are listed in Nasdaq, where its shares are bought and sold. Amazon Company is an American conglomerate that operates across many countries in the world (Stone & Brad, 14). It is a technology company that is based in Seattle. It focuses on digital streaming, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and e-commerce. It is the most valuable brand in the world (Stone & Brad, 24). It is also the largest online market place in the world, artificial intelligence assistance, as well as a platform for cloud computing.

Source: products dealt in by Amazon Company include the distribution of streaming video, audiobooks, and music via amazon music, twitch, and Prime Vid. Besides on, it has publishing arm referred to as Amazon Publishing, the television and film studio, cloud computing subsidiary, Amazon Studios, and Amazon Web Services (Stone & Brad, 12). It also has such acquisitions as whole food markets, Twitch, and IMDb. Some of the product images are:

I selected Amazon Company based on its rise in revenues from $232,887 million to $280,522 million from in 2018 and 2019 respectively, which also acts as a criterion for its measurement.

As brought out above, the purchase price per share was $2,401.10. The total number of shares bought were 16.659, where $40,000 was invested. The highs and lows during its sellinwereas $2,410.39 and $2,384.33 respectively. The total profit per share, where the selling price of $9.29, and the cumulative profit obtained from the sale of shares was $154.76. therefore, the venture of investing stock in the company was profitable in the end.

Base on the purchase price, the dividend amount and yield is $1.22.

The performance of shares of the company can be shown as:

Source: Corporation

Using the yahoo finance website, the purchase price per share of AmerisourceBergen Corporation was $93.33. Its shares are listed in New York Stock Exchange. AmerisourceBergen Company is an American corporation that deals in the sale of drugs in wholesale basis. It is the leading healthcare solutions organization (Zweig & Steven, 12). The company provides drug distribution alongside related services that are designed to lower costs while improving the outcomes of patients, distribute its line of brand name and the generic pharmaceuticals, some Over-The-Counter (OTC) drugs as well as home care supplies. It also provides a wide range of health care providers across the country.

Company's growth over time

Source: the use of yahoo finance website, the products dealt in by the company are the pharmaceutical products. Such products being distributed include home healthcare, generic merchandise products and technology, consulting services, health and beauty, prescription drugs, proprietary drugs, and medication management (Zweig & Steven, 18).

The criterion for the selection of the company is its ever-rising revenues yearly. They are particularly observed in their figures in 2018 and 2019 being $43.3 billion and 45.6 billion respectively, forming the basis of its measurement.

As well brought out, the purchasing price of share of AmerisourceBergenrgen Corporation was $93.33. There was an investment of $30,000, leading to the purchase of 321.44. In such a case, during the sale of the shares, the highs and lows were $94.40 and 94.36 respectively. Using the share selling price of $94.40, the total profit per share was $1.07. when all the shares were sold, a total of $343.94 were obtained.

Base on the purchase price, the dividend amount and yield is $1.68.

The following is stock performance graph:


In the end, the total profit obtained from the sale of the shares of the three companies was $(306.1725+154.76+343.94) = $804.9725


Stone, Brad. The everything store: Jeff Bezos and the age of Amazon. Random House, 2013.

O'Connor, Clare. "Report: Walmart workers cost taxpayers $6.2 billion in public assistance." Forbes, April 15 (2014).


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