Factors That Led to American Victory in WW2 Essay Example

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Date:  2022-10-23

World war two was the most destructive human conflict that was fought on a global scale by the two major warring camps of the Allies and the Axis powers. The United States and her allies won the war because of a few factors that favored her as well as events that ultimately led to Allied victory in the war. The United States government eroded the neutrality act that had previously forbidden the sale of arms to belligerent parties in Europe. Starting from 1935 leading all the way to the US involvement the text document was amended multiple times to allow the sale of arms to the allied war effort which ensured that they did not capitulate and fall to the Germans.

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During the initial stages of the war, before the Soviets joined the allies and relieved Britain from the Axis bombardment, the United Kingdom had to hold it out against the Luftwaffe mostly without any allies of note. The scrapping of the neutrality act, therefore, allowed the United States to keep her partners on the war effort and secured a launching pad in Europe for the D-day landings. Operation Barbarossa initiated by the Nazis in 1942 relieved the western front and gave the United States and her allies 'breathing space' to better organize and retaliate. The miscalculation by Germany to attack the Soviet Union tied up huge divisions of their military and bogged down the lightning-fast forces of the Nazis who had become adept to the concept and use of the Blitzkrieg. Russian winter took a heavy toll on German soldiers as well as their resources.

The United States and her allies had superior technology which they used to significant effect. A case in point is the battle of midway which marked a turning point in the Pacific theatre of operations. The United States military used decoding technology to decipher Japanese communications and was able to lay an ambush at Midway. Additionally, the United Kingdom made use of radar technology during the battle for Britain to better estimate the range and direction of incoming Luftwaffe planes. The ability to obtain prior information aided the allies in organizing counter attacks that significantly reduced casualty numbers on their side. Furthermore, the partners were able to set up ambushes for incoming hostile forces and win critical victories in the war.

The United States vast industrial complex outproduced the Axis by a significant factor throughout the war and was greatly aided by the fact that it did not face any bombardment given the geographical advantage that the nation enjoyed. The Atlantic Ocean as well as the vast Pacific served as a natural barrier to any raids by the Axis powers of Germany and Japan and ensured the home front was well protected to service the war effort. The attack on Pearl Harbor was the only successful Axis attack on US soil throughout the war. Additionally, the United States resources and superior scientific know how at the time allowed her to create the first nuclear weapon which was deployed in Japan to devastating effect. The introduction of the atomic bomb forced the Japanese army to seek surrender and an end to hostilities in part due to its power to wipe out whole urban areas and cities.


Ultimately, the above-stated reasons and occurrences in the war helped tilt the pendulum towards an Allied victory over the Axis powers.

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