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As a lover of music I enjoyed the recent music concert like other fans, but as a student of music, I identified several elements of music that contributed to the overall appeal of the show.

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The pitch refers to the quality of sound as governed by the vibrations producing it. It is a term that describes the highness or lowness of sound (West Michigan University 3). Therefore, the pitch range is the degree of variations between those vibrations. I noticed how the performer used pitch range to create emphasis and meaning in various sections and items of their music.


According to West Michigan University, all aspects related to the loudness or quietness of music fall under the category of dynamics of music (3). As a result, the dynamic is the difference between loudness and quietness of a music instrument. Dynamics range is a functional element for showing transition period between different sections of music. It can also indicate act as a warning for the listener that the song is approaching its end.

During the performance of one of the songs, one could hear the dynamics of the instruments as the song transitioned from one section to another; particularly during the pre-chorus. In the concert, the music dynamics prepared the listeners for the start of the Pre-chorus.


Meter is the patterns that regularly occur within music such as beats or bars. According to Schmidt-Jones, the meter can be categorized by counting the number of beats from a strong pulse to the next (n.p). There are two types, of meters. There are the simple meters made up of two halves and the compound meters that are made up thirds. Meters make a good way for musicians and artists to organize music.

All of the music performed by the artists were western music which usually has simple repetitive beats that can be divided into small groups called measures. The lines that separate the measures are the ones that the performers used to keep track of the rhythm. Therefore, the artists depended on the meter to help them keep up with the music rhythm.


Timbre is what determines the difference between the two types of music even if they have the same pitch and loudness (Schmidt-Jones, Timbre Definition 80). Timbre is a general term that describes all the musical elements that have nothing to do with loudness, pitch or length. Timbre is a consequence of the fact that each note of a musical instrument is a complex wave that contains various frequencies. The human brain is capable of recognizing minimal variations in timbre.

That is why during the concert, it was easy to identify the difference between the live performance and studio production despite having the same musicians and performing the same music. The difference in the instruments during the performance created the variations.


Musical texture refers to the relationship between different materials within the music. The texture is the term that covers the interaction of the various voices within the music. Dufort says that the complexity of the musical sounds will determine whether music qualifies as thin or thick texture. The more the complexity, the thicker the texture. The songs that had thin textures relied more on the artists' voice than the musical instruments. There were only three interactions at a time, at most for the songs with a thin texture.


The form is the overall structure of a song. According to Lumen, musicians can describe form by labeling the different sections of music or naming the type that is very common. For example, if music has three parts, the first section is tagged with the letter A. The second section takes the letter B if it is different from the first section. If the third section is the same as the second section, then it also makes the letter B. Therefore the music takes the form ABB.

In the concert, the songs that the artists performed had some form with a lot of similar sections. Therefore if one is to plot the music structure of the songs using letters, it would have a lot of repetitive letters. However, during some performances, the sections were somehow similar but with some significant differences which means they take a symbol with an apostrophe. Example A A' A''.


Absolute music and program music are two contrasting types of music. Absolute music is the type of music that has no meaning or agenda. It does not represent anything. The term 'program music' refers to European classical music tradition. On the other hand, program music is the type of music that has an extra-musical narrative. Program music is descriptive or telling some story. In that case, the descriptive idea or storyline is the program. As a result, instrumental music that has no program and exists purely for its own sake is called absolute music. Program and Absolute music qualify as categories of music rather than types of music.

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