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Emotional intelligence can be defined as the ability of managers to control employees’ emotions as well as handling their feelings. Within the company, managers and employees are supposed to possess this trait since it ensures that they do their best in their work even at worst times and care for their workers.

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Emotional intelligence has a different number of blocks such as self-perception and leadership, ability to accept someone’s weaknesses and strengths, ability to comprehend feelings, self-regard, self-actualization, ability to improve as a person, and emotional self-awareness (Cote & Miners, 2006). A number of these blocks have an essential influence on the management ability to improve workers’ job satisfaction and employee performance. Moreover, the ability to understand, accepts, and respects the weaknesses and strengths of laborers will be very significant in enhancing employee performance. If managers deeply understand their employees’ weaknesses and strengths, they will be able to assign them to work according to their abilities. Some laborers perform best while they are alone, while others get stronger while in teams. This knowledge of differences in weaknesses and strengths will benefit managers as they will be able to place employees in areas that satisfy their needs maximum and improve their job performance.

Another important EI block is emotional self-awareness, which can influence a manager’s ability to enhance employee performance and job satisfaction. Emotions such as negative feelings lead to conflict in the company (Goleman, Boyatzis & McKee, 2013). Situations where managers are unable to manage their feelings are catastrophic in the company. This may end up, resulting in grudges with employees hence affecting their job motivation, which leads to poor performance. Emotional self-awareness enables managers to manage and comprehend their own emotions in a criterion that would not affect workers. Therefore, this way will not affect employees’ motivation; hence they maintain their levels of performance. Emotional self-awareness also enables managers to comprehend feelings, other persons. Competent managers should be aware that workers are too faced with other issues that may influence their emotions and feelings hence affecting their performance adversely. Mangers who comprehend employees’ attitudes every time is likely always to create a conducive working environment that will have a positive impact on employees hence improving job satisfaction and performance of employees.

According to Hertzberg’s research, he formulated a two-factor theory as the critical motivational theory applied in solving issues at hand (McKee, 2013). As per this model, two main factors confer to the motivation of employees: hygiene factors and motivator factors. Motivator factors are components such as enjoying one’s task, feeling recognized, and career progression. Hygiene factors are components such as company policies, reduced salaries, and antagonistic relationships with leaders or managers can result in dissatisfaction and lack of motivation among workers.

According to this model, managers are supposed to apply positive reinforcement to impact the company’s employees and define solutions to different issues such as poor communication (Goleman, Boyatzis & McKee, 2013). Delta Dental Company must positively reinforce work by bringing a motivating stimulus after exhibiting demotivating behaviors. This way, the organization will apply Hertzberg’s two-factor model and stress a lot on motivator elements such as career progression and recognition as the significant motivation stimuli that will positively influence employee performance. This can be done by identifying those workers who perform excellently by rewarding them in front of others. Career progression can be done by promoting those employees who perform admirably to a higher level, such as granting them high offices. This will work since employees like to progress and awarded pat for their hard work.

Social Skills and EI and Decision Making

Emotion intelligence has five core concepts, including self-regulation, social skills, empathy, and self-awareness. Self-awareness incorporates comprehending an individual’s feelings in real-time. Their emotions and attitudes change over time, and managers need to know each feel since it influences the decision-making process. Self-regulation is the capacity to manage an individual’s emotions so that they do not obstruct the making of rational; decisions (Mayer, Salovey & Caruso, 2008). Motivation is the capacity to persevere as you face setbacks and challenges, which involves striving to improve despite previous failures—the ability to comprehend what others feel is referred to empathy. Managers or leaders should be able to show kindness to workers who experience hard times. The capacity to handle the emotions of other people and a person’s feelings productively is referred to as social skills.

The concept described above plays a significant role in effective decision making. Emotion can negatively affect the decision-making process. It only applies above-explained EI main concepts in managing individual passions in a way that will not affect rational decisions. All members of management have to be fully informed of the nature of their feelings. If the opinions are not right, they should use self-regulation skills to avoid excitement from influencing their decision making. Management can still make rational decisions through motivation, even after failing for a long time. Social skills and empathy are essential in making decisions affecting workers directly. When judging the employee’s behavior, the management team has to be lenient enough to empathize with the worker. Social skills will ensure the making of fair decisions for the organization and employees.

Effective Teams

Effective teams contribute to teamwork, which makes an organization and success to its products. Effective teams in Delta Dental will result in improvement in communication hence boosting its products. In an organization where a capable team starts to operate, direct productive results are obtained in it (Mackin, 2007). Therefore for exercising this in Delta Dental organization, the teams must follow some common characteristics.

A common objective should be set among the workers to ensure that they work towards its achievement. This set goal should be clear to all team members, unambiguous, and motivating. Such a common objective will motivate hence encouraging the employees to work in unity to accomplish the goal. Once the goal is obtained, the team members can assess to know their effectiveness and be in a position to recognize any error they made, thus creating a desire for improvement.

Delta Dental managers have to build communication. That is, have to give the team members tools for driving open communication as well as encouraging them to have a clear connection to each other (Mackin, 2007). They still have to ensure that the employees are well updated with news and changes in the company. This will make the feel included in the organization activities. Also, the workers have to be given a chance to express their views and needs. Through this, organization performance will increase.

For effective teams in the Delta Dental, team charter has to be created. Individual groups and team members require an intense focus to grow. The creation of this charter and offering of clear defined roles in the organization will motivate the employees to adroitness their responsibilities and work more effectively together. Besides, the clear charter will help the managers in setting clear outcomes and behavioral expectations. Therefore, it will assist in determining underperforming employees, and what they are accountable for. Thus, the Delta Dental organization will boost its team effectiveness.

Effective teams have to ensure that there is the enhancement of team culture. That is, the organization has to create a group supporting the culture (Mackin, 2007). This will encourage a strong relationship among the employees as it supports their well-being, enthusiasm, and success. It should also consider diverting and means on how to create respect and trust between the team members.

Along the production process of Delta Dental lays different problems that hinder its productivity. Therefore, a capable team is needed to help in identifying such issues as well as solving them. Effective teams can embrace the problems in the organization as they occur. This will benefit both the managers and employees as they will emerge to produce quality products hence building the organization’s reputation.

Reward Systems

Delta Dental organization has to include intrinsic and extrinsic rewards in its reward system. This will enable the company to reward its workers basing on how they have worked other than compensation. The employees will get their rewards through promotions, money increase in their salaries, and other fringe advantages in the use of extrinsic rewards by the company. If the organization uses an intrinsic reward system, the workers will get bonuses of conducive working conditions like having a flexible working timetable (Armstrong & Stephens, 2005). The employees will also be entitled to short work weeks, job enrichment, and job rotations.

Concerning the motivation of the employees, Delta Dental Company has to use different strategies. It has to consider the communication of the employees. Building excellent communication makes the workers lively and always aware of what is expected of them. The management of the organization should set good examples of what they expect from the employees (Armstrong & Stephens, 2005). This will motivate them and make them have the desire to be their employers. For the employees to be self-motivated and hardworking, the leaders should be too active. The employees can be motivated by being empowered by the management as they will feel that they are recognized and are part of the company. Therefore, the mentioned development techniques above will be suitable in enhance motivation, job satisfaction and improve performance of employees will be presented to CEO at Delta Dental Company for implementation.


There are significant factors involved in the management field, such as assets and machines, financial resources, and people. For the success of a company, employees are very crucial. The company managers and leaders have to possess emotional intelligence in managing the workers. The managers, workers, and leaders are expected to know how to control their emotions to avoid negative impacts. When the management possesses emotional intelligence, motivates their employees as they positively make decisions.

Emotional intelligence can help the company to work towards the attainment of its objectives and have effective teams. Besides, effective teams have positive attributes, such as excellent communication, creation of team charter, common set goals, and enhancement of team culture. Then, as a result, the employees become effective hence need rewards to get motivated. The best systems of rewarding the employees are intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.


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