Including Children With Special Needs: Modifications for Accommodation - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-14


Children with special needs require special attention and a few modifications to the existing curricula to ensure it's accommodative. It is essential to be sensitive to their needs and assist them to go through their education without alienating them from their peers. In this way, we ensure the inclusion of the children with special needs to ensure they enjoy their right to be part of regular class programs.

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One of the critical modifications used for children with special needs is the use of inclusive play. Inclusive play minimizes the gap between children with special needs and mainstream children (Feeney et al.). Play promotes developmental activities physically, socially, emotionally and mentally. Children of all ages learn and enjoy playing, creating a fun environment for them to learn and interact even with children different from themselves (Feeney et al.).

Inclusive play allows each child to participate and to learn from others as well despite their differences (Feeney et al.). For instance, the teacher can use balls of different colours hidden in strategic places in the field and have the children do a scavenger hunt in teams. This game helps refine social skills as they are part of a team and also learning of colours.

Figure 1

The figure above depicts a child playing with the teacher. This can help refine fine motor skills and can be used as a teaching aid for children with special needs to learn colours, shapes, and sizes.

Play activities are also an excellent way for young children to relieve stress. It's even more critical for children with special needs who are in the process of learning the desirables ways of expressing their feelings and dealing with stress (Feeney et al.). Numerous research has shown conclusive evidence of a reduction in anxiety in children by use of group play. Children understand the language of games with their peers.

Figure 2

In figure 2 above, the playground is sensory and inclusive. It offers different play activities designed to engage children with special needs. The various activities promote the use of social, physical and mental skills, which is vital for the development of children (Braden). This playground favours children of all abilities with a sensitivity to children with special needs.


In conclusion, existing curricula is biased to the mainstream child. Children with disabilities present with the needs for a different approach as they take on their everyday life. Necessarily, the teachers and parents must make modifications ad adaptations to accommodate them. As such, inclusive play, among other changes is critical for the lives of these children.


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