Improving Air Quality in UAE

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Date:  2021-05-17

The UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda specifically focuses on the improvement of air quality. The UAE government believes that enhancement of the quality of air is one of the ways to afford a sustainable development that pays attention to the preservation of the environment (Sustainable Environment and Infrastructure, n.d.). Undeniably, improvement of air quality is vital to both social and economic growth since a contaminated air can result in higher rates hospitalization for children (Romley, Hackbarth, & Goldman, 2010). A less contaminated air would mean a reduced hospitalization spending of the country. Notably, the UAE government can readily improve the air quality through a community-focused and health care facility-focused evidence-based environment protection approaches.

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An example a community-focused environmental protection approach that the UAE can utilize is total involvement of the society in the prevention of pollution. In line with Brettschneider and McNamee (2015), a community can easily help in the prevention of air pollution when they are informed of the negative impacts of pollution on air quality. For that reason, the UAE government can come up with communal outreach programs to create awareness about activities that can help in the enhancement of air quality. Additionally, the government can create pass a law that bans open burning and of outdated vehicles, as vehicle exhaust is a major air pollutant.

On the other hand, a health care facility-focused evidence-based environmental protection method would be a legislation that requires consideration of air quality during construction of the facilities. As well, the UAE government should come up with effective health care practice laws that require all hospitals to observe cleanliness and safety. With such legislations, medical procedures such as cleaning and disinfection, which may be detrimental to the air quality, would be substantially eliminated. In keeping with Marcus, Gaudin, and Kirk (2010), all health care facilities have a duty to adopt construction practices that reduce the rate of disease infection due to contaminated air. For that reason, the government of the UAE would be justified to establish contrition procedures for health care facilities to not only improve air quality but also reduce spending on the hospitalization of its population.

To be brief, the utilization of effective community-focused and health care facility-based approaches to air management is one of the best ways the UAE government can achieve its Vision 2021 National Agenda of air quality improvement. The community should be aware of activities leads to air pollution and completely avoid them. Health care facilities should as well construct structures with sufficient aeration and avoid procedures that may pollute the air.


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