Implications for the Treatment of PTSD - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-12-17


The decision on whether a military service needs medical attention solely depends on them. Apart from the visible injuries they suffer while in the war field, soldiers do undergo a series of complications that they may rarely share with anyone. Unless a social worker has gained the trust of the soldier, she may end up not understanding the situations troubling their mind. Most veteran soldiers are likely to suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In managing this illness among the military officers, they need to be introduced to early talk therapy (Streets, 2017). The therapy needs to be focused on tweaking the negative thoughts, emotional response and behaviors that are connected to psychological stresses. The events these soldiers see while on the battlefield is the primary cause, and early talk therapy is advised to them just upon their return from war. It helps them change their views regarding the situations witnessed while in the field.

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Role of Social Workers

In the treating of the soldiers and ensuring good care to them, social workers play a vital role in maintaining their steady recovery from the PTSD. Among the various functions that a social worker performs towards the recovery process of the soldiers is promoting the social welfare of the military. With their in-depth knowledge in the needs of the military, the social workers implement policies, administer numerously programmed relating to the wellbeing of the army. From providing appropriate resources and funds at the disposal of the military, they also engage the military in promoting their fundamental values of honor, integrity, loyalty, commitment, and courage (Frankel, Gelman & Pastor, 2018). They offer mental support to the military by joining them in diverse person to person talks.

Conflict of Military Duty and NASW Code

The senior military officers will use training periods to reinforce the military values and authorize their commands to the junior soldiers. The hierarchical military culture always adheres. The ranks are still clearly defined, and the orders from the seniors (as documented in the military constitution) need to be respected irrespective of the situation. Despite the loyalty and honor of the army, there are various circumstances which conflict with the ethical conduct of National Association of Social Workers (NASW) (Finer, 2017). The major conflict arises on whether the army commanders have the authority to command the clinical team in releasing of unfit soldiers into the battle. The other conflicting fact that is highly debatable is whether a social worker who at first opposed war needs to work with a veteran army who has for fighting to defend his country. Under the military culture, image portrayal is, and self-control is a virtue they need to uphold throughout their duty. Hence, they end up going for war even when unfit as a sign of obeying the seniors' commands (Finer, 2017).

Ethics Dilemma

The ethics dilemma is also visible in the military. As a soldier, it may become a challenge to choose which code of ethics to adhere to first while in war. In managing such circumstances, a soldier is required to critically analyze the situation if it is a conflict or a tension before making up his mind. The ethical standards and federal laws need to be a driving force for any decision made (Finer, 2017). In a circumstance where the officer wants his health improvement records concealed also brings up the ethical issues and the core values of the army. In my opinion, I will record the improvement to adhere to the integrity value of the military.


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