Immigration Split Personality Essay

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Date:  2022-05-09

From the immigrant split by Sunn-Kyung YI, the article reveals the challenges children face when they are split between the traditions of their parents and that of the new culture. They simply feel split between two different cultures. Apparently, religion is one barrier to learning or adopting a new culture. From their culture, they have learned many things which are difficult to change since they have cultivated it as there part of life. Researchers have identified the learning and adopting of two cultures as children puzzle which every day they struggle to solve. As a consequence, the child does not know which religion to follow or which is right or wrong because they are facing pressure to adopt from both sides. This kind of pressure and the multi-culture split is regarded as increments of helplessness and loneliness which impacts their personality deeply resulting in social drawbacks (Waters, 2012)

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The primary hindrance to the children to learning multiple cultures leans on their personality. Character resonates with the feelings of individual belongingness to certain ethnic roots. The character is simply the capable tool for a personal political activation. According to researchers, the individual facing this kind of culture split are befuddled and put in crossroads on which culture to practice; the one they are taught by their folks at school or the one they are expected by their parent's or cultural roots to convey (Essay, 2018)

Following the article an immigrant split personality by Sunn-Kyung, the author is confronted by different varieties of culture while in school with the teachers and the companions and has to remain true and convey the ethnic cultural practices at home. From a vantage point, adults can adopt such a life because they are not fazed or compelled to fitting into the certain cultural practices but it is relatively difficult for the young child to adopt different cultures at the same time. This reason makes the author act distinctively such that when in school, he has to practice the common culture conveyed at school and while at home, he has to resonate with originality culture. This is reflected in his daily actions like, while at school he waves and while at home he bows. Hence, the different cultural dispositions aspect makes the children practice split personality ( Donthu, 2008)

Additionally, religion is another hindrance for the children and people in general to embrace other people culture. This issue is reflected when the kids what to convey the culture of their folks back at home but they are hindered traditions and religious conventions. The religious aspect is deeply cultivated and their behavior can be difficult to change. The researcher has contemplated the issue of distinct religion as perplexing to the children and youths. Therefore, kinds are unable to comprehend which religion to follow and which to let go (Prezi, 2018)

Looking at the article immigration split personality, the parents emphasize on the traditional religion and they want their children to learn and practice it deeply as a way of reminding them who they are or where their origin. Furthermore, if the kids talk the problem out to their practice, rather than helping them out, their parents instill the traditional beliefs much further increasing the confusion. Hence, to keep up with varieties of religion the kids practice split personality and therefore, it is acceptable that religion is the principal hindrance to embracing cultural and regional differences (Agnew, 2017)


In conclusion, taking into consideration the tangles the author faces, there are significant challenges that the youths and children face due to social orders. However, one should not be fazed by different cultures and crush the hindrance rather the person should take the positives from both cultural lifestyles.


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