IFLA Annual Conference in Lisbon and Its Environmental Impact

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Date:  2021-03-26

Dear IFLA congress delegates allow us with honor to present to you Europe's most authentic and Portugal capital city, Lisbon as the next proposed IFLA destination. This is a city which will give you a warm experience ranging from the culture, cuisine, entertainment and the safe feeling when roaming around the city whether day or night. Being one of the oldest in the world, the city encompasses so many historical mysteries to talk about. It is spiced multi-cultural entertainment with an integration of hi-tech innovations. It is lies next to the Atlantic Ocean and since it is located in the hilly part of Portugal it provides a clear scenic view of its coastline. Hospitality is an essential character this city is known for and its warm welcome for visitors. The city is equipped with numerous libraries which are well packed with all kind of source material books, articles, chronicles giving a complex. Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal, located in101 East Main Street, Lisbon, Iowa., is the citys national library and its one of the biggest libraries in Portugal with vast historical collections. This makes Lisbon the most fabulous destination for IFLA conference.

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According to the I ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association), Lisbon is ranked one of the worlds best destinations to hold international meetings in 2014 with an estimation of holding over 37,000 delegates that year.

Conference Venue and Exhibition

The conference sessions will be held in the Feira Internacional de Lisboa (FIL) exhibition center at the city square. Being only 4 kilometers away from the airport, and been at the center of the city makes it is mainly the ideal place to hold the conferences. It has over seven meeting rooms which handle concurrent parallel sessions with each room been able to hold over 5000 people at once. There is a restaurant on site which offers outside catering and a free closed


We have set aside one of FIL halls to host the show just opposite to the conference halls. Covering over 4000 sq m ensures adequate space to host the exhibitors. Delegates will go through the exposition hall first before entering into the meeting rooms to explore and accredit the great work of exhibitors. There will be a variety of exhibitions such as environment conservation-themed exhibitions among others.


We have chosen the Ibis Lisboa Saldanha hotel to be our accommodation site. The hotel is located in the center of the city which is just 15 minutes from the airport and 5 minutes from the historic center making it an ideal destination for our expected guests. Having a direct airport access, and being centrally placed, the venue is privileged to an ease access to the main highways, shopping centers and adverse of leisure destinations. , six spacious conference rooms with free WIFI and covered parking.

This magnificent hotel has a capacity of 116 accommodation rooms. The rooms are spacious, comfortable with beautiful decorations. They are fitted with Triple-glass windows creating quiet vicinity for a comfy sleep at night. He hotel has the best 24-hour cuisine and highly classified hospitable service. It also has strategically placed balcony which gives fantastic view Lisbon city and its surrounding. Next to the hotel you can find a lot of restaurants, supermarket, and shopping centers. This makes the hotel to be a perfect venue to hold the conference.

Food and refreshment

We have put forward awesome menu plans for various delicacies including excellent seafood, world class cooked meals, and beverages with Ibis Lisboa Saldanha hotel. The menu will accommodate all people whether vegan or vegetarian with. We will provide healthy and well satisfying meal program together with refreshing drinks. Just outside the hotel, there is VIP lounge where our guests can enjoy refreshing cocktails and other variety of drinks. The lounge also has enjoyable indoor games and a spacious swimming pool with set tables chairs and a cafeteria which gives an outside relaxing green view

Social Events and Tours

We have organized very exciting and engaging social activities to make our guests feel welcomed into the city.

Opening party

The first night of the conference on the 16th November, we will be holding a welcoming party for our guest delegates to welcome them in to the conference. We will provide drinks for free, and entertainment will be to the best. The event will be hosted take in the VIPs Lounge next to the conference hall. Drinks and refreshment of all kinds will be served

Mid entertainment

Just to keep our guests fully entertained the hotel will host a traditional live band on 17th which will perform next to the exhibition hall. The band will start playing from 8.00 pm till late night. Charges of the event will be $ 150; this includes entrance fee, two drinks and taxi fee to the place of rest. The event is hosted for those who are willing.

Farewell party

To bid our visitor's bye, we will host a farewell party in the lounge where they will be entertained by a variety of cultural dances and exciting shows. Indoor games for those who are interested will be available, and a variety of beverages will be served.


The city has one of oldest cultural heritages in the world. From buildings, culture to From Jorge Castle, the city gives a view of the old citys pastel-colored buildings which mark one of the citys outstanding history landmark. Just near the National Museum, lies five centuries ceramic tiles decoration. The city also has one majestic suspension bridge ( 25 de Abril Bridge). At the immediate outskirt of the city, is a stream of beaches, aligning from Cascais to Estoril. All these majestic features will anyones dream of visiting Europe come true.

Other information


FIL conference center is positioned at the center of the city and can be easily be accessed from all directions. It is only 4 kilometers from the national airport and it widely served by public transports. It is accessible by bus, taxi, personal transport and to an extend by the subway. The center provides taxi and private car parking facilities.


The weather in Lisbon city is so much equable welcoming. It is mild with an average annual temperature of about 17 0C in the low. The weather is influenced by the mediation of the Gulf Stream and the presence of Atlantic Ocean throughout the year. This makes the city accommodative and gives visitors a different experience that is unique from any other city.


Even though in every large city there is a crime, security is highly maintained in Lisbon and with the hospitable people found roaming in the city streets is safe whether day or night. However, we can never lack those spots where crime never ends. Therefore, we recommend people always to be cautious in the places they decide to visit and at what time.


Lisbon people are highly known for their friendly nature, from little kids to adults. The people are highly welcoming to all visitors who come to the city.


We cannot explain how much humbled we are to be selected to host the annual conference by IFLA Governing Board. It is our sincere hope that your delegates we have a very good time in during the visit. We are eagerly waiting to welcome you all to our city.

Thank you


The potential environmental impacts of 2019 IFLA Annual Conference within Lisbon city center


This report is aimed at looking into the possible implications (positive and adverse) of the 2019 IFLA annual conference. The goals of the event are to create procedures for developing sustainable environment and libraries within Lisbon city. Environmental conversation and sustainability has become a central issues and international environment organizations being on watch of how human activities are impacting the same. So many conferences around the world have been held to discuss and come up with policies on human-related impacts on environment. This has been going on for a while now in many nations. In 2012, the United Nations held a sustainable development Conference (Rio+20) held in Rio de Janeiro , to launch a process aimed at developing practical and straightforward policies to create a sustainable environment in Europe (Sustainabledevelopment.un.org, 2016). Recently, World Climate Summit held a meeting discusses the urgency to renovate policies of fighting problems facing environment. IUCN World Conservation Congress has also held a conference in Hawaii which is aimed at creating policies to work together manage and control the environment (Sustainabledevelopment.un.org, 2016). All these meetings have been aimed at achieving sustainable environment control policies by individuals, firms and associations

Environmental sustainability involves the implementation of measures for developing base on which people can benefit while minimizing adverse effects through social development, economic development and environment protection (Environmentalscience.org, 2016). As it is known conventional conferences are so resource demanding and can have a lot of impact on environment. In our debate in this report, we will look into effects attributed by 2019 IFLA conference and to be particular on the environment. The paper will present both positive and negative and the possible measures to minimize the setbacks.

Positive impacts of the conference

The implementation of environmental friendly practices during the conference such as walking short distances instead of driving, water conservation, use of biodegradable materials can have a positive impact on the environment. The application of these practices during the event will increase the environmental awareness to the delegates. Documentaries relating to environmental and library sustainability which will be showcased during the event also serve as a good ground for educating delegates on environmental conservation. Environmental themed exhibitions on water recycling, old document recycling and printing control that will be showcased during the events will help in promoting and developing conservation ideas. The event will also adopt the green approach in during different practices this will assist in increasing the awareness and sensitization to delegates on environmental sustainability. We have also introduced a system which will help in monitoring the performance of the events in terms of environmental sustainability to give a basis for future events decision process. It will also promote tourism in the city

Negative impacts of the conference

During such an event, a number of adverse effects related to large congregations are expected. These include:

Waste release

As the event will involve delegates moving from parts of the continents, lot of travelling which includes use of mobiles powered by fossil fuels is expected. This implicates to emission of waste gasses which pollutes the environment. Also waste released during the event has a negative impact on the environment as much of it is released out without proper control measures being involved

Mass consumption of resources

When such meetings are held mass usage of hotel services are expected. A lot of water energy and other resources are highly consumed mostly inefficiently. It is usually hard to control such mass an inefficient consumption when a mass group of people is involved


The other adverse effect is wastage. There is high expected wastage related to use when people are concentrated in one place. A lot of water is will be l...

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