Idealized Masculinity is Dangerous to Men - Essay Example

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Date:  2021-06-17

In our global world, gender plays a hidden but highly significant role in men's day to day lives. Equally, males at a given time play vibrant roles when addressing violence and inequality. If anyone mentions about men, he or she is referring to an ever changing and socially constructed gender identity. And when we refer to the issue of masculinity, we are talking about a culture and behavior associated with men and their various habits of being a man. Communal and Global dissertation on the argument for gender equality emphases on the repression of women, as it correctly should. By inspiring men to evaluate their socially constructed masculinity side views, it is easier to teach them on how their human characters can affect gender fairness. Definite masculinities preserve and enhance the differences practiced between men and women so as to attain gender equivalence, must be undone. Thus, this study asserts that idealized masculinity is dangerous to men as it robs them of the freedom to defy society's expectations and be their true selves.

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In the story of A Choice of Accommodations,' the author Jhumpa Lahiri conveys a compelling description of a multicultural marriage, passion for a reunion of the dissimilarities, compromises, and changes between main character Amit and his wife, Megan. The fictionist discovers imperative familial bonds and emotional achievement in relationships. Amit has feelings of that he lacks intimacy with his wife and looks for ways to disrupt his marriage. Linking this story to thesis Amit suppresses his long term emotions towards the bride that makes him sad and tortured in his heart. He does not have satisfying sexual intimacy from his wife, but since he wanted to look superior, he is not able to discuss the issue.

The Brotherhood at Stay Home Dads, talks of men who are part of the group named as National At-Home Dad Network who assembled on the weekend for a yearly retreat. They discussed many issues concerning themselves, wives, and their children. For instance, they asked who should manage their finances. The men argued that they bring up their kids differently as compared to their mothers. They claim that they are doing the work by choice and not as a result of depression. The story explains that these men are enlightened and they do not feel prejudiced by doing what society believe should be a feminine activity. To some male they feel emasculated when performing the so-called female action, it is very dangerous because both genders are subjected to perform duties that will promote the economy of the society.

Manhood in the Age of Trump, 2017 places the nature of real man should lust, rage and should not assist in internal chaos. It was a provoked interrogation with President Donald Triumph's attitude towards gender inequality that views as old-fashioned. He at one point said that he would never change a diaper, his message was to American men who gives a hand of help to home duties. These standard terms are means of conveying the message that as a participant of a particular masculinity there are set expectations by the society. In any case, the set expectations not acknowledged then an individual will be topic to mock and even violence.

In the study of Michael Kimmel's work on Men at work from Manhood in America,' he aims at two main things. How the characterization of masculinity has transformed over a period and exploring the understanding of menfolk has molded the activities of American males. He claims that the question for manhood such as aims to accomplish, to show, to verify their masculinity has been the leading influential and determined practices in males' lives. In America, the great cause of the notion of testing a person's manhood was physical like the political ground, type of work and the family. Kimmel also claims that a person's masculinity is closely related to their class, sexuality, race, ethnicity and age.

The thoughtful topic of a masculine community to examine and analyze both truthfully and falsely with some boundaries cautiously drawn. Idealized masculinity is dangerous to men because sometimes women faults males for deeply embedded societal problems. Some fed-up men decline to listen to well-developed arguments once they hear a conscious one. To some extent, male bombard the notions of hyper-masculinity, fierceness and an urge to affirm a central and intrinsically misogynistic character in society. Men possess a suppressed feelings that may result to mental illness, suicidal and homicidal attempts, and a challenging link between respect and violence. Rejection and rage are the very general reaction when a painful reality is called to account. For the sake of both genders, it is better to highlight how society works by taking deceitful concepts of masculinity and approving assured individuals over others. A male can be fortunate in his sex and society but suffer the profound repercussions of hyper-masculine ethnicity. Men suffering as an outcome of toxic masculinity is not approved and needs some concerns.

Men at times have a fabricated and enforced view of masculinity that the feminine activities the society believes to done only women, men ca not handle them. This perception forces gender into destructive roles, and both sexes are distressed to tolerate by definitive principles. For females, their roles position a lot of boundaries that expresses and made accessible through many studies. Still, the study will include an emphasis on the men being taught from childhood to conquer their emotions, violence, and converse with apathy and disprove any slightly feminine thought.

Men are tough and therefore observing emotion is not well-matched with strength. The interest of males is based on sex and not in parenting. In most cases, they get ready for violence and expect to respond in a harsh way so as to proclaim power and control. Men should be willing to condemn petty stuff like sugary drinks, good looking animals and hobbies that are associated with appearance instead they should learn on what entails them to be leaders. A gentleman seems emasculated, and a genuine man conveys self-assurance that perceives in physical power, aggressive character and superior understanding.

Concepts that reinforce violent masculinity inspire violence in males as a straight reaction to attesting the anti-feminine and such violence can effect in severe offenses and imprisonment. The moment they have imprisoned men face sexual harassment and abuse, and less support for psychological illnesses that outcome. Additionally, dangerous masculinity inhibits males from seeking assistance after they are sexually assaults, more especially men victims are observed to be vulnerable, emasculated and deprived of fixed identity. Failure to support for man victims can add many violent responses, whether in the practice of deadly and murderous violence or create a typical hostility towards one another. These are because rage reaction is ingrained and generalized, it is usually in men who have no strategy to deal with the humiliating weight of improbable anticipations.

Communal and Global dissertation on the argument for gender equality emphases on the repression of women, as it correctly should. By inspiring men to evaluate their socially constructed masculinity side views, it is easier to teach them on how their human characters can affect gender fairness. Both genders should try to work together to close fabricated gender stereotypes and form a society that enriches men and women struggles. In line for dangerous masculinity's influential division of genders and nurtured animosity between sides, it is a task to disruption the ties that retain many males and females in their stereotyped reformatories. Thus, it is an advice to males and females to work on supporting paternity offs, stay-at-home fathers and males in culturally feminine duties. In education levels, we should observe curriculum that approves one gender than another and categorize individual careers as, masculine and other careers as feminine. The strategy of inviting men to talks and lecturing on the toxic properties on both genders we can positively create improved relationships and heal the destruction created. Males are not innately angry, irresponsible, violent, sex-orientated or aggressive. Definite masculinities that preserve and enhance differences that are practiced between men and women so as to attain gender equivalence ought to be discouraged since idealized masculinity is dangerous to men as it robs them of the freedom to defy society's expectations and be their true selves.

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