I Have a Dream (1963) - The Speech Analysis

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Date:  2021-04-07

Martin Luther King was an African American activist who advocated for the right of the Blacks in America. He wrote a number of documents and papers which explain the fundamentals rights of humanity. For instance, Luther wrote the speech, I Have A DREAM which continue to bring inspiration messages of equality, peace and freedom. He delivered the speech in 1963 during a gathering in which more than 200 000 people marched in Washington DC to demand for an equal treatment. During the activity, the Alabama Police used fire horses to disperse the crowd. Notably, in his speech, Luther emphasized on the use of non-violent ways of protesting the American challenges and elaborated the significance of working as a team.

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The material containing Martin's speech is used in various forums to remind Americans about the status of the country in the previous years. Furthermore, it outlines the errors in the past that led to the abuse of human rights and deprived the minority the freedom of expression. Additionally, it explains the importance of continuous growth of the economy and social justice. The words of Martin Luther had similarities with Caldecott Honor winner, Kadir Nelson's magnificent paintings, that treasure the minority in the society such as children and women.

The document contains the pictures and commentary which explain the importance of the speech to the citizens. In particular, it gives an elaboration of the continuous phrases that were used by Luther to demonstrate the status of the Negros 100 years after the founding fathers signed the Emancipation Proclamation. King urged all the Negros to work together and demand for the rightful position through peaceful demonstration. He described his dream for equality and freedom to relieve individuals from the land of slavery and hatred.

Moreover, the document explains the gap that existed between the American dream and reality and narrates how the White supremacists had violated the dream in their campaign for racial inferiority. Also, Luther explained how the federal government had fought against the American dream through hypocrisy and apathy. It had disobeyed the rule of the law and betrayed the course of justice. The speech contains verses that express the benefits of gender and racial equality. For instance, King notes that "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

Lastly, the material reflects Martin's social experiences such as mistreatment, ethnocentric abuse and exploitation of the Blacks. Therefore, he inspired, educated and informed the people of America from the living to the unborn generations. Furthermore, the speech reminds the rulers to provide social justice to all citizens. King reinforced the mythical ideas and described them in a spiritual context because he indicated that racial justice was relevance to God's will. However, some scholars criticizes Luthers speech because it encouraged an uprising against the government, thus, reducing economic growth.

In summary, Luther's speech describes the social injustices that the Blacks underwent in America. Notably, King emphasized the benefits of working together to overcome the challenges facing the country. Furthermore, he condemned the beliefs of the White supremacists and advocated for equality. Lastly, Martin explained his experiences regarding the mistreatment and the exploitation of the Blacks.


King Jr, Martin Luther. "I Have A DREAM." (1963).Web. 26th February 2017


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