I Believe In Finding Peace Through Forgiveness Essay

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Date:  2022-08-08

Through the human life, we often encounter people who offend us in such a wrong way that we find it hard to forgive them. Most often, people harbor grudges towards their offenders with the hope that someday they will revenge and put the aggressors through the pain that we went through. However, I believe that through forgiveness, we can indeed find peace and be able to let go of the hate that torments our soul when someone has done us wrong. Forgiveness is not an easy thing to grant to people, especially those whom you do not like, but by being able to forgive it puts you in a superior position and it yields healing power both to the hearts of the people involved.

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I learned this virtual of forgiving people when I moved from China to the United States. Being a foreigner from a country that is predominantly Asian and has little diversification as far as race is concerned, I had no experience with racism nor had anyone directed any racist remarks towards me. Therefore, coming to America, I found it hard to adjust to the new ways of life, and suddenly the idea of being a minority based on the color of my skin and physical features became a reality and an ultimate bother. In most times when walking down the streets, I could hear some random people say unkind words which were directed to me and the fact that I was a foreigner, a behavior that I found unacceptable and uncivilized since I was a visitor who diseased a better and a kind welcome.

The worst event happened when I was 16 years old in a community charity event that had been organized to raise awareness of heart diseases. I had attended the function in the company of my friends who were white and went on to watch the children participate in racing competitions. It was then that I was approached by two white male who claimed that earlier on they had spotted me taking pictures of their families and that they wanted me to hand over my phone so that they could remove the images. They accused me of spying on them and even went ahead to claim that I was a Chinese spy. My friends stood to defend me, and this prompted an argument, and someone in the crowd called the police who came and arrested us. I was detained and questioned when the two men told the police that I was a spy. However, after the police checked out the allegation which had been leveled against me, they found out that they were incorrect and they were only motivated by racism. Eventually, I was released but I felt very bitter and unwanted in a place that I had committed no crime, I was afraid to interact with the people due to the fears of getting falsely accused.


Conclusively, with time I decided to forgive my accusers and anyone who would target me unfairly just because am of Chinese origin. Since then I have been able to obtain inner peace and move freely without worrying about what people might think about me. Through the power of forgiveness, it is hard for me to harbor grudges and participates in arguments that are not constructive.

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