Humanism: A 14th Century Movement Aimed at Expanding People's Knowledge and Ability - Essay Sample

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Humanism is a traditional and rational association that established itself in the 14th epoch and was pigeonholed by consideration to conventional ethos and elevation of vernacular writings. The movement aimed to make people capable to take part in politics as well as talk and write eloquently while motivating others to do great things. Such was to be achieved through studying humanities (Rabelais 116). The movement had two parts which include the development of literateness plus the initiation of the freshly conceived lithography media. The print media brought an enormous impact since the texts were printed and spread over a large range. Rabelais emphasizes on the significance of an educated and conversant unrestricted drive rather than imposing power. Humanists influenced how people lived in numerous ways. It stressed on the need to value antique languages rather than preferring Latin. According to this piece, though a language might appear coarse compared to Latin, there was a need to equate native languages to the orthodox ones. Humanists lead several other movements throughout Europe to protect and endorse patois. Humanists changed the dressing code of females and males in Theleme. Originally, the women dressed themselves the way they pleased. Later, the women dressed in the same with crimson or beige leggings, bounded by beautiful needlework besides fretwork, garters matching jewels, and bloodshot or ornate velvet shoes. Males fashioned themselves too, with velvet breeches, nimble lined leggings, and golden or silver coats (Rabelais 133). Both males and females dressed peacefully to suit the weather changes that were experienced. The males and females had wardrobe males who would completely dress them to avoid time wastage. There were no regulations that dictated how anyone could behave. Everyone had the free will to direct their lives as they wished.

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An Argument is a thinking course that a certain conversation takes. An argument can either be a proclamation that backs an offer or a vocal quarrel (Milton 774). The first book begins by giving an account of the defiance of man and how he ended up being chased from the Garden of Eden. The book also looks into the way Satan was chased from heaven and his attempt to get back. The poem touches on how creation was initiated with chaos and God's ways to humans. The text talks on how in the beginning there existed God's spirit on earth. The poem touches on the confrontation between Satan and God, which leads to Satan and his cohort being sent down from the heavens. Satan first equals himself to God and draws a quarrel with God. He later tries to overthrow the throne but is overpowered and God sends him out of heaven (Milton, 774).

Religion, just like other aspects of life, draws conflict of interest. Each religious group always wants to prove that it is the best. In Evliya's narration, the Islamic religion fights to rule against the other religions to be seen superior. During the 14th century, the Islamic religion ruled the Turkish Ottoman and all those who were recruited in the army had to convert to Islam to be allowed in the army. The recruits, who were called ghazis, fought what they referred to as the holy war. During this war, the ghazis fought Christians claiming that they were non-believers. Only Christians who accepted to convert were allowed to stay. By these fighting, Ottoman expanded their territories to form a big empire. As they continued to fight and conquer other areas, the Muslims encountered the Catholics too. The Islamic army, led by Sultan Suleyman, tried to fight the Catholics at St. Stephen cathedral but was well defeated that they retreated leaving behind the golden sphere on St. Stephen cathedral. The combat between Islam and other religions compares to Milton's poem of Paradise Lost where Satan decides to draw an argument with God. In that case, Satan stays with God and familiarizes with Him and later equals himself to God. Satan then together with allied angels tries to take over the kingdom of God but are overwhelmed by the power of God.

Christians act in hypocrisy by pretending to be serving God at the same time engaging in actions contrary to their faith. As Evliya transverses the town of Schwechat, he encounters the Christians in this town. Schwechat is a town in Vienna that is inhabited by Catholics. Both monastics and other infidels conduct their Christian ceremonials after which they engage in mischief and depravity, joviality and drinking that is limitless. The priests and their followers burn incense and play trumpets in the monasteries and just after that they forget all about their Lord and carry out all sorts of hypocrisy. The temples in the town have been turned into rooms of conducting idolatries. People drink all sorts of liquor and wine while engaging in sex freely without either men or women questioning. Such actions highlight the highest hypocrisy in the Christian world that triggers conflicts. The actions in the town define what exactly people can do when given the free will to do whatever they please. It compares to the story of Francois in which there are no rules to govern how people should conduct themselves. Everyone is only trained and informed on various issues and allowed to choose what to do and whatever time they choose. Francois's story is different in that Rabelais tries to introduce a principle where people have a trained and informed free will and that there is no authority to regulate their actions. Francois aims to educate people and then let them choose what is best for them. In giving people free will, some will engage in constructive deeds while others choose to do what is right.

The greed to rule and to conquer a large portion is the mother of religious conflicts. In all three stories, there is a conflict of interest in which each party wants to be seen more powerful than the other. Islam fights Christians in an urge to convert them and expand but is countered by the Catholics who want to protect their space. Satan started the war in heaven since he wanted to be more powerful than God. Most of those found in religious groups are hypocrites since at one moment they are faithfully serving the Lord but at the other, they turn their faces towards evil.

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