Human Resource Management of Eaton Industries Paper Example

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Date:  2022-06-19

Human Resource Management in organizations is concerned with the all the welfare and issues surrounding the human capital. Its functions range from recruitment of potential employees, assignment of duties, training, supervision, employees' salaries and welfare programs, appraisal and rewards to well-performing workers and the retirements of older employees. It has its own goals characterizing the levels of achievements required of it in the organizations. Also, its functions are guided by its policies put in place. It is a department whose activities ought to get aligned with the general tendencies of the organization it belongs. Also, it should employ tactical approaches to ensuring that it achieves the responsibilities and accountability requirements called for from it (Phillips et al. 2013). For the case of Eaton industries, there are some ways that its Human Resource Department can apply in ensuring that it is strategically aligned to the international nature of operation of the organization, bringing out maximum effects and well coordination of its working activities. Also, it should put in focus certain elements of strategic human resource management that will enable its realization of the set goal for effective alignment with the organizational needs, based on the conducted research outcomes (Mondy, R. W. 2010). In the paper, also included is the vision of the role of the Human Resource on the strategic human resource management department of the Eaton industries. Additionally, there are the ways which the strategic human resource management of Eaton industries can tactically apply in the realization of its accountability and responsibility commitments, exhausted in the recommendations, as it aligns with the organizational activities and goals and also about the research outcomes, as the subsequent paragraphs expound.

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First, some ways can help in the realization of a strategic human resource, for the case of Eaton industries. One of them is the administration of adequate in-service training to the absorbed employees. In this case, both new and current workers are taught on how they are supposed to carry out their daily routines such that they conform to the organizational needs, goals, and visions. To achieve so, they are thoroughly informed of the policies and the desired modes of operations of the organization (Price et al. 2011). Also, they are oriented to the perceived fitting organizational culture that is meant to adapt to the norms of the organization. In this regard, they will get clear pictures and sensitization of the basics of the organization and work towards the implementation of the requirements of the human resource department. It will at the same time help integrate to the entire organizational system as is in the imbibed knowledge of the employees, hence ensuring that the human resources get strategically to function in line with the core goals and objectives of the organization (Fottler et al. 2010).

Additionally, there are priorities for strategic human resource management at the Eaton industries. One is the involvement of the employees in most of the matters of the organization. It is done through the prioritization of communication component. In this way, employees are fully informed of the activities of the organization, characterized by openness of even the sensitive matters that concern the employees. They will feel included and important, sparking them to swing into actions more committed, helping in the realization of the strategic coordination of the human resource department and other departments of the organization. Also, there is the factoring in and prioritization of the inclusions component (Armstrong et al.2012). All the employees will get special individual treatments based on their nature and the respective calls for accords of fair consideration. They will view their atmospheres and spaces regarded and respected. Also, there is the compensation factor prioritized, where the workers are rewarded accordingly, resulting in the job satisfaction and the need to input more effort to ensure that the organizational objectives are achieved, hence aligning the human resource department with the general organizational objectives. Also prioritized by the Eaton industries is the concern for the environmental safety and enhancement of a favorable working conditions for its employees, elevating more the tendencies of achievement and worker welfare, which also help in the overall achievements of the industry in the seamless integration of the industrial environment and the human resource department (Aswathappa, K. 2013).

Also, there are particular human resource goals in the strategic human resource management, as shown in the research on Eaton industries. They are the imbibitions of the correct working attitudes on the employees which will ensure an aligned workforce to the values and objectives of the industry. It achieved through remarkable remunerations and in-service training done by the company on its workforce (Kumar, R. 2011). Also, there is the goal of implementing the requirements of the human resource department, in the form of practices that the employees can reflect on as the actual propositions of the department. Further, there is the need to integrate the functioning of the human resource management with the general targets and modes of operation of the Eaton industry, enabling the uniformity of goal and purpose as well as synchronization of energies. Lastly, strategic human resource department is aimed at developing employee tendencies that rhyme the focus of the department on the uniformity of purpose with the entire industry, through sensitization training, remunerations, safe working environments and the innovative undertakings (Niles, N. J. 2013).

Moreover, there are a number of tactical approaches that can be applied to ensure that recommendations of the human resource departments on commitment to responsibility and accountability are arrived at. One of them involves the conduction of periodic team assessments. The chosen periods can be quarterly, semi-annually or yearly. There will be annual contests and gauging of the so far achievements of the human resource department in the accountability and responsibility subsections. It is done by the evaluation of the level of the effects of their administrative tools in the realization of the same. A standard scale of gauging their achievements as shown in the work done is established where they are graded, followed by corresponding rewards (Armstrong, M., & Armstrong, M. 2011). In this way, they will strive and work hard to achieve the best in pursuit of excellence as they will be assessed after a set time frame and rewarded accordingly. It goes hand in hand with the performance evaluation. Also, there is the performance of their work environment surveys. It is done to gauge the extent of their preparedness of their commitment of responsibility and accountability. In this way, the level of their arrangement dictates how aggressive and prepared they are to achieve such a set goal. Such a survey exercise can be carried out in their knowledge or randomly without prior notice (Mathis et al. 2012). The concerned departmental constituents will be kept in toes and stay alert at all times as they dispense their duties responsibly and accountable as a result.

Cumulatively, the research thoroughly exhausted on the strategic, tactical and recommendations regarding the operations of the Eaton industries. Such topical issues are also well brought out and discussed in the paper.


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