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The human resource management is a discourse community. It is given the role of ensuring that the human capital of an organization is settled and well-operational. This group has shared goals, values, and certain communication language as well as belief systems (Swales 8). The discourse community is interrelated with other communities inclusive of the employers and the employees. As a discourse community, human resource management has its controversies, one of the most prominent being performance management appraisal. Some parts of the discourse community, such as values, need to be acquired while goals are learned as one gets used to the job. Learning about human resource management as a discourse community is a good eye-opener on the duties, responsibilities, and performance of the community.

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The discourse community has several shared values, which include promoting integrity, encouraging teamwork, enhancing communication, embracing change and innovation, engaging in employee development, and producing quality results. Thus, to promote honesty, the community seeks to honor commitments and conduct business in a manner that promotes fairness and respect. The human resource management also helps the employees in making working teams, aids them to have more ways of communicating with each other, and the management (Jamal 567). The community also ensures that all activities in the organization are geared towards making the customer experience better services by ensuring that their needs are met. Also, the team is expected to help in the maximization of the development of the employees and make sure that they produce quality results, which make the organization more competitive. The human resource management is a discourse community that is placed at the center of ensuring that the employees are settled at work as they are the backbone of organizational operations.

The actions of the discourse community are several. One of the activities that the organization engages in is ensuring that a diverse workforce is created in an organization. The human resource department seeks to ensure that there are a racial disparity and respect for different genders, among other considerations geared towards the creation of a diverse workforce at the organization. The other action is to ensure that individual and organizational effectiveness is reached. The department does so by ensuring that the employees are motivated and are led by the organizational goal (Jamal 580). Besides, the community works to ensure that they meet the changing and evolving needs of the workforce, such as pay rises and appraisals. Lastly, the community acts to ensure that career and professional growth take place such that the employees experience growth in their knowledge as well as abilities after working for some time in the organization.

The language that is spoken by the human resource management is mainly official. Besides, this is because HRM must ensure that matters related to the organization are communicated with the utmost effectiveness to the employees. Some of the basic terms may include gross misconduct, which is only used when the employee has behaved in a manner that is not presentable, and the organization may not keep the employee anymore. Onboarding may be another term that may involve new employees when they are being assumed integrated into the organization. Talent management also is a mostly used language that reflects the recruitment, training, and management of the people who are employed by the organization. Other terms related to the number and working mechanisms of the employees may be inclusive of downsizing, reorganization, and restructuring. Thus, the language of human resource management focuses on the employees and the needs of the organization.

The human resource system is centered on a belief system that is centered on fairness, organizational goals, and employee wellness. The first belief in fairness is ensuring that the organization practices a fair mechanism of hiring that focuses on everyone and treats them in the best way possible. Fairness ensures that human resource management carries out ethical hiring and treats employees with the perfect kind of treatment that they deserve. Another goal is that the human resource department is established on the bases of organizational goals, and every activity of the community ensures that they are met and addressed (Sagiv 640). Human resource management always strives to ensure that the goals that are set to be achieved by the shareholders are achieved. Lastly, the department should always strive to ensure that the organization has the best relationships with its management because the relationship is needful for the realization of organizational goals. The sole goal of human resource management is to ensure that the welfare of the employees is managed which is the reason the human resource management is effective in ensuring that employee-employer relationship is maintained best.

The discourse community in consideration is made of three most prominent connected groups inclusive of employees, employers, and customers. The human resource department is responsible for ensuring that the human capital of the organization is maintained in a highly professional manner. It relates to employees by hiring and managing them. It also addresses their needs and speaks their grievances to the employer. On the other hand, the human resource implements the directives from the employers, such as ensuring that the employees work to meet the set organizational goals (Sagiv 634). On the side of customers, the human resource is committed to ensuring that the employees treat customers well. The human resource seems to be the central community that unites the others and hence is important in ensuring that operations at the organization are well.

One of the most controversial issues with the human resource department is performance appraisals. Performance appraisals are regular reviews on the job performance of an employee and their contribution to the organization. Many people still believe that there have not been devised good mechanisms for performance appraisals (DeNisi & Murphy, 2017). While some are convinced that they are carried out in a good way, others believe that they are ineffective. For instance, some employees may complain that the defined expectations are too hard to achieve, and hence their performance will always be considerably low. Others yet believe that their high performances are justified. The issue of performance appraisal affects relationships in organizations, and they need to be addressed because it makes a major share of employees to have poor relationships with their employers, and some are even laid off. There is a need for human resource departments to take steps towards ensuring that performance appraisals happen in a manner that is agreeable with all employees. That way, the controversy behind them can be demystified, and they would be justified.

I believe that human management values need to be acquired, while goals need to be learned. Everyone interested in human resource management must acquire the values of honesty and integrity. A human resource officer also needs to acquire the values of teamwork by working together with others. Teamwork is not a value that needs to be taught. On the contrary, one needs to acquire the value of working with others simply because they need to work with others when they are in the human resource department. Also, it is necessary to acquire the value of communication as it affects the human resource officer solicits information and ensures inclusivity in the organization (Pasban and Nojedeh 250). However, goals such as addressing changing needs need to be learned. The needs of the workforce are dynamic, and hence the human resource management needs to learn the changing needs as they come. Also, supporting professional growth needs to be learned as it needs the direct involvement of a human resource officer in the provision of services.

My membership in the human resource department has been an effective one. I can identify with the discourse in some way since I share the same values of honesty, teamwork, and effective communication. I champion for honoring commitments, conducting business with fairness, and celebrating working with peers. I can also communicate with effectiveness and ensure inclusiveness. However, I need to acquire a focus on customers, which is one of the values of human resource management. I need to learn how to champion career and professional growth and how to create strategic partnerships. Learning about this discourse has been intriguing. It has taught me the ideals of how discourse communities can be extended but almost not visible.

Human resource management identifies fully as a discourse community in many ways. It has values and goals that are followed by its members, just like any other discourse community. Also, it presents itself as using a certain language that is official and uses terms that are related to the work environment. The discourse community also connects three other communities, namely employees, employers, and customers. There are controversies around the community which surround the relationships with the employees and performance appraisals seem to be the basic sources of conflict. The values that are needful in the community should be acquired, but the goals need to be learned as different organizations have different goals. Therefore, the discourse community is one very effective community in organizational settings, and its influence cannot be understated concerning how it affects organizations.

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