HSE-101: Course Learning Outcome

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Date:  2021-03-22

The agency that I choose is Spectrum Youth and family services. One of the major reasons why I considered this agency is because; a few years ago while in the states custody, I was placed at a group home which was run by spectrum youth and family. During my placement with this agency, I found some of the most caring people I have ever met. They do so much for the community and never expect anything back in return. Many of the individuals that one is able to meet at this organization are volunteers, who offer, their time for free to help out those in need.

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Additionally, the other important Agency that I considered for this paper was The Lund Family center. While those who are working at this organization are very compassionate, sincere, and hard working. I dont feel they provide the same type of compassion as the individuals who work at Spectrum Youth and Family services.

Besides the fact that I used to live in one of their buildings, the major reason why I want to work for spectrum is the type of service they offer. I want to help kids who were in the same situation as me and a lot of those kids, who faced the same situation, are at Spectrum. The kids who I speak about are the one, who got kicked out of their homes because their parents did not agree with their lifestyle, or because the youth did not agree with the lifestyle or religion of their parents.

Notably, Spectrum Youth and Family Services offer many outreach programs and available programs. In addition, they also offer shelter for the homeless, a place in the center for people to go to and get breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Besides they offer SRO (Single Room Occupancy), which I also experienced; with this type of scenario, in the eyes of the state you are considered Homeless while in this program, you are paying rent (1/2 of your paycheck) through this, half of the money, goes into a savings account when you graduate from the program. The SRO program works in collaboration with the State of Vermont housing authority and upon completing the program, you are awarded a Section 8 voucher.

Spectrum was founded by the Burlington Ecumenical Action Ministry for the purpose of Housing At risk youth that ran away from their legal guardians, whether that was their parents or foster homes. So that they could have a safe space to stay without worry or risk of being taken back to somewhere that they are not happy or do not feel safe, while a more permanent and stable environment was being realized through collaboration by with Vermont Department of Children and Families (DCF). Their mission is, to empower teenagers, young adults, and their families to make and sustain positive changes through prevention, intervention, and life skills services. (Spectrumvt.org)

One Entry Level position that I found through the Spectrums website, was a Supported housing Staff. The role of Supported Housing Staff is a very important when it comes to offering shelter. Basically, the goal of this particular program is to transition homeless youth and children who were in foster care to adult living. The Supported Housing Staff are the people on the ground making sure these individuals have the best transition possible with hopefully few to no problems. In this position you have to create treatment plan in which you are to encourage and try to fill with the youth that you are working with, the plan may include Budgeting, mental health, eating healthier, exercising more, career goals, or maybe going out and meeting new people.

So far in the course HSE-101, I have learned a lot, I learned about what makes up a human services organization, from the employees on the top of the chain to the volunteers at the bottom, and finally to the clients themselves. I have gained experience on what it is like to work in the human services field directly from a human services provider. Additionally, I have learned on what types of connections you need to assist your clients. All of these things are very important factors to know, not just for working in the field but also for personal knowledge. From this course I now have the knowledge to handle the situation, in case something arises, additionally, I am able to handle direct friends and family if they are in a crisis. Not forgetting, the ability to direct the clients Im working with to the many services that are available to them, from homeless shelters to family assistance. One of the things, from this course that will stick with me the most is the interview that I had with a human service professional. It was enlightened and educated; my eyes were opened more to the field I want to work in which is the human services field.



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