HR Manager's Strategies to Help ABC Company Expand into Medical Devices Industry - Research Paper

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Date:  2023-02-26


As a human resource manager for a small business, various elements were learned. Some of these elements can be implemented at ABC to help it achieve its goals and objectives. ABC Company is expanding into the medical device industry. Hence, one of the elements that can be implemented to train as well as develop the employees. The employees that ABC currently has do not possess the skills required to help it venture into the medical devices industry. Therefore, training and development will ensure that the current employees are trained to acquire the necessary skills. Also, hiring and recruiting is another activity that can be employed by ABC Company. This activity will ensure that there are enough employees to work for the company since it is increasing its operation; hence, there will be more tasks.

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Challenges of Working as a HR

Working in Human Resource for a larger company such as ABC is associated with several challenges. These challenges have to be addressed to align the HR function to the strategic direction of the company. The first challenge is an adaption to innovation (Noe et al., 2017). Technology is always changing, and businesses must be quick to adopt or be left behind by the competitors. Therefore, human resources should always be on the lookout for any new trend in technology that could be employed to help in their operations. Secondly, workplace diversity can affect the operations within the HR department (Noe et al., 2017). This problem has to be dealt with by creating a work environment that integrates employed from different cultures, backgrounds, or ethnic groups. The third challenge, while work as the HR of ABC, is compensation for the employees. ABC Company has many employees; hence, it is difficult to structure employee compensation. HR must structure its compensation so that the employee can be motivating and help the company to work towards its new direction.

Functional Areas of Human Resource

Various functional areas within the Human Resource can be used to perform different activities. In the case of ABC Company, various changes have to be implemented within the functional areas so that they can alight as well as support the new strategic direction.

Talent Acquisition and Retention

Talent acquisition and retention is the first functional area that will have to undergo some changes for it alight to the new strategic direction of ABC. In this case, the employees within the company will be trained to understand the skills that are required as the company ventures into the medical devices business (Daley, 2012). These skills will help the company be effective in its operation hence meets the set goals and objectives. Also, HR will ensure that there is low employee turnover so that the company does not lose employees with the required skills.

Learning and Development

Most of the employees of ABC Company do not have the skills required to engage in the medical devices business. There is it is an essential requirement for these workers to be taken through a learning process that will help them develop the required skills. After they have acquired the needed skills, these workers should be regularly assessed to find out if they are improving. In case there are some challenges, necessary actions will be undertaken to ensure they fully develop the essential skills.

Total Rewards

The third functional area is the total reward, which is the benefits given to the employees to behave in a particular way. The changes that will be needed in this area is to award employees who have to work towards the realization of the new strategy (Wright & McMahan, 2011). Also, this method will motivate other employees to start working towards a new direction that will help the company to expand into the medical device industry.

Organizational Effectiveness and Development

The major changes that will be done in this functional area is to organize the operations. There should be various departments to coordinate different activities that will help the company in the new strategic direction. Also, tasks should be assigned to every person. These actions ensure that various activities are handled effectively and that organization effectiveness and development is attained in related to the new strategic direction. Therefore, the company will manage to be effective after it has ventured into the mobile device industry.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion entail introducing employees without any form of discrimination. The main change that will be adopted in this functionality area is hiring employees with different skills and abilities. This change will help the company be able to move in the new strategic direction. There should be no form of bias due to the culture, background, or ethnicity of a person.

Business and HR Strategy

Business and HR Strategy is an essential functionality area because it entails the articulation of a plan aimed at helping, and the organization meets its goals and objectives. The main change that will be adopted under this functionality area is to ensure that the business strategies align with the human resource strategy. Also, the business goals that will be set will have to alight with the human resource goals.

Cultural Consideration

Cultural consideration is essential when expanding the business. The first cultural consideration is the passion for innovation, growth, as well as expansion (Wright & McMahan, 2011). In this case, Jason should look for employees that are innovative and have a passion for growth and expansion, as this will help the company to go beyond its limits. Secondly, Jason needs to focus on collaboration and teamwork. Jason should make sure that the workforce collaborates well, and they can work as a team as this will enhance productivity. Thirdly, a discovery mindset is essential for this new strategic move. The discovery mindset is vital because it will ensure the employees can discover new concepts that can help the company as it ventures into the medical devices industry. Lastly, drive and bias for action are important (Wright & McMahan, 2011). Employees with this factor will be working independently and will always want to see various tasks being accomplished.

Business Case

The health care industry is the essential sectors since it helps in providing medical services to patients with different health conditions. However, several challenges are being experienced in this industry. The main challenge that is evident is the failure to diagnose and treat various medical conditions effectively. The solution to this problem is to adopt modern technology in health centers to diagnose and treat multiple medical conditions. The preferred solution is that numerous companies should focus on the development of medical devices. These devices will be used to help diagnosed and treat some of the health conditions. Therefore, ABC Company has decided to venture into the medical devices business. The objectives of ABC is to increase competition over its rivals and the revenue earned. In the process, the company will attain the main goals for improving the health of many people. Venturing into the medical device industry will help ABC to growth because its customers will increase; hence, the revenue will go up.

Legal and Ethical Consideration

The first legal and ethical consideration related to the functional areas is fairness (Bratton & Gold, 2017). All the employees should be equally treated when implementing the crucial changes within the functional areas. The second legal and ethical consideration is employee discrimination (Mondy & Martocchio, 2016). The employees working for the company should not be discriminated in any way regardless of various factors. The third legal and ethical consideration is that safety, as well as health other workers, should be maintained (Sparrow, Brewster & Chung, 2016). The human resource should ensure that the working environment of the workers is conducive so that it does not affect their safety and health.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the benefits of this proposal?

This proposal will provide the ABC Company will take the appropriate action that should be undertaken to ensure that it moves towards the new strategic direction.

Which are should be given more attention?

The functional areas should be given more attention because they are the main sections of the human resource. The changes in the functional areas will help the business to succeed in its new direction. What are the kind of employees that ABC Company should hire?

ABC company should recruit employees who are motivated can undertake various duties on their own without any form of supervision.


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