How to Prepare for Hurricane Season Essay

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Date:  2022-07-01


Over 30 million people live in regions which can be affected by hurricanes. During hurricanes, there are various daunting issues such as heavy rains, strong winds, and flooding which have far-reaching consequences to property and livelihoods. Getting relevant information and adequate preparations before, during and after the hurricane helps one to avert property damage and loss of lives.

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Personal Protection

Personal protection during preparation for a storm entails establishing measures and strategies to keep one safe during and after the hurricane. Firstly, it is imperative to verify that the building one resides is safe to take shelter or one can move to a safer place in case the building is not up to the task of safeguarding their lives. Secondly, the weather reports should be monitored keenly to stay informed on the updates about times of anticipated intense rains and winds.

Planning for the emergency meeting point for family and friends is key to staying safe. When planning, the escape routes and comprehensive channels of communications should be established. If the routes may get dark during the hurricanes, then flashlights and portable lanterns can be an alternative to lighting the areas during an escape (Crystal, 2017). Storm shutters should also be fitted on the windows and weaker points on the door and windows reinforced with stronger material which prevents wind and floods from breaking and causing risks to the occupants of the house.

Property Protection

Planning for property protection is equally important to avoid damages and loss of valuable household items and other property around the house. According to Gilligan (2018), the cost of damage caused by hurricanes has tremendously increased over the past decade. In the US, the damage caused by hurricanes were over $50 billion and consequently, planning to safeguard property would reduce this loss.

Firstly, individuals should review their insurance policy to ensure the coverage details all the relevant properties and that the deductibles chosen should be practical for individuals' needs. For individuals with quite valuable items such as collectibles, pieces of jewelry, they should check with their agents to factor these items which usually have inadequate coverage under the homeowners' policy terms. As such, extra premium might be required for the comprehensive coverage. Once this is complete, the insurance policy documents and other quite vital documents should be stored in the safe boxes or away from the hurricane-prone region (Gilligan, 2018).

Items around the house that might become airborne during a hurricane should be moved to safer locations such as a storeroom or in a garage. Correspondingly, the home should be prepared for strong winds and rains, the downspouts and rain gutters should be cleared to prevent any clogging of rainwater to avoid any damage. Reinforcements can be done by the use of strong building materials such as steel doors for the garage and the house.

Supply of Food, Water, and Medicines

A common mistake in preparation for hurricanes is waiting too late to acquire clean water, food, medicine and hurricane survival kits. Before a storm, people are warned and it is essential to be among the individuals who purchase such relevant items in good time because stores empty quickly (Crystal, 2017). Foodstuff, water, protective clothing among other materials should be sufficient for the hurricane period. Some of the materials needed are inclusive of but not limited to first aid kit with essential medicines, sturdy shoes, water storage tanks/containers, food that is not perishable, dry clothing.


Summarily, having a hurricane planning strategy which pragmatically details ways in which personal and property protection, as well as the supply of relevant resources, is a vital proactive step to keeping oneself safe. Therefore, it is important to review insurance policy coverage to ensure all property is covered as well as reinforcing the house to prevent damages that can be caused by the hurricane. Besides, one should purchase foodstuff, emergency kit as well as stay informed on weather updates.


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