How the Hawthorne Studies Influences Researchers' Thinking About Employees' Motivation

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The Hawthorne studies revealed the employees' performances were significantly influenced by their external surroundings and the individuals they worked. Consequently, it led to researchers to begin analyzing the role of social aspects on employees' motivation. The viewpoint is derived from Hawthorne's finding that workers' morale is enhanced by the thought of someone thinking about their workplace. Thus, the researchers began to analyze how appreciating employees could improve their productivity. Therefore, the discoveries of the study enabled psychologists to think the workers' motivation issue from different dynamics.

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The Five levels of Maslow's needs and how they are related to individuals' motivation

Maslow believes that individuals have five major needs which include:

  • Physiological needs- these refer to the basic needs individuals need for survival, such as food and water.
  • Safety needs- individuals need psychological needs, such as job security once they have access to the basic needs.
  • Social belonging- persons need interpersonal involvement, which entails feelings of belongingness after their safety and physiological needs have been met.
  • Esteem- These refers to the status needs, which persons believe after they have fulfilled their physiological, safety, and belonging needs. At this level, persons need recognition by those around them.
  • Self-actualization- At this level, individuals want to achieve everything they can.

Based on Maslow's needs, individuals needs drive people's motivation as they struggle to satisfy their wants. Consequently, they need to satisfy the next level of needs once they have attained the preceding levels.

The Two Dimensions of Hertzberg's Theory

According to Hertzberg's theory, there are certain factors at the workplace which causes job satisfaction while others bring about dissatisfaction. The theory argues that there are some factors that cause satisfaction, thus known as motivators, such as recognition and career advancement. Also some elements can cause job dissatisfaction if absent, thereby referred to as hygiene factors, like job security, interpersonal relations, and working conditions. Consequently, it is imperative for the managers and employers to understand the elements of this theory to enhance their workers' motivation.

How an employee determine whether he or she is being treated equitably according the Equity Theory

According to the equity theory, an employee determines whether he or she is being treated equitably by the employer based on what the other employees are being treated. The viewpoint implies that workers are likely to feel that they being treated unequally if they believe they are doing more tasks than their coworkers at their workstations. Consequently, they are likely to adjust their performances to match the work done by the other organization members to perceive equity.

The major stages of team development

Teams are major components of the modern-day workplace as they enable companies to initiate, plan, and execute projects. Thus, firms have to ensure they form appropriate teams to using the stage below.

  • Forming stage- this is the first stage of team development. At this stage, the team has been introduced, thus the members are getting to know each other.
  • Storming stage- at this point, the team members are familiar with each other, hence interact freely. They can express themselves freely, a condition that can lead to the clash of personalities. Therefore, they learn to embrace their differences to enable the team to pursue its objectives.
  • Norming stage- during this stage, the members begin to appreciate and notice the strengths and weaknesses of each other. Consequently, the team settles and begins to work as a cohesive unit.
  • Performing stage- at this stage, the members are confident and familiar with the project and their colleagues. Therefore, they perform their assigned tasks effectively as everyone is on the same page. This is an important stage as it symbolizes a group's success.
  • Adjourning stage- It is the final stage in a team's development process. At this phase the team has achieved its objectives, thus gets disbanded.

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