How Group Norms Exert Influence on an Individual's Behavior - Essay Sample

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Group norms are the standard code of behavior and guidelines of conduct that provides order and conventionality in social activities and operation. Group norms are developed slowly and informally as group members can learn the standards from other members when they interact or some adopt those norms that seem necessary for the group to function well. Group norms include the code of dressings to occasions and meetings and the behavior one is expected to behave while within or outside the conference. Group norms give rise to the acceptable and stable conduct patterns and influence the way members can interact with each other, the method they use to approach and solve problems (Feldman, 1984).

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Precisely group norms are set of unwritten and unspoken rules that guide and govern individual behaviors in a group. These group norms sometimes vary based on the groups and the critical issues to the group. Thus without group norms and an individual may not understand how to act and interact with people in social situations and functions and therefore the society depends on the group norms to know how to live their lives.

Regardless of whether you understand the indirect queues or the usual normalcy among the group the person is in or the group around an individual, there is an overpowering effect group code of conduct has to that individual. For example, a leader who leads people, if the leader in charge instills a motivation spirit and determination in the completion of a specific task done by the subordinate, then the behavior will be adopted by the members of the society. Group norms have the same effect as peer pressure where the individuals' desires purpose and gratification for it; thus an individual will conform on the group standards and mode of conduct. Accordingly, an individual will respond either positively or negatively towards the group norms. In this, group norms consist of like previously stated, a set of rules, code of conduct or guidelines.

Ways Employees Can Do Away With the Pitfalls of Negative Peer Pressure

As an employee, whether you are working anywhere, there must always come with spillage of personal life sporadic among the workers. For example, whether it is on Monday morning and the weekend was lit, and someone wants to know where you catch your weekend most of the employees will be subjected to a specific amount of pressure towards the topic being discussed. In many cases being in the military, there is an excess of events and activities that are encouraged, even by the highest powers. Senior leadership was inspiring juniors to participate in parties with alcohol or even drugs. If the individual does not understand, how the system works, that in most case if he or she does not become part of those people doing cool parties, an individual can learn the pressure, but when it gets worse he or she does not know how to deal with,

Ways to avoid or prevent being slurped into the group norm code of conduct and behaviors or the employment atmosphere are challenging depending on the severity of the extremeness of the group an individual is. If an individual attitude is persistent daily and the person brings the view to the workplace, then there is an excellent chance of difficulty if you want to keep your career, to press any group code of conduct. By establishing yourself as a leader of your own and not the followers of others, there a person will have the capabilities of setting his or her tone if he or she finds that it does not conform to that of other employees at the workplace. Take consideration of a new individual employed in a particular company which is cool, calm and collect, and decide to go out and drink socially with another group. Because he is a straight edge guy, he will probably get some blowback from the employees, but if he stands on his principles, he might change the whole atmosphere which may make others goes his ways.

How Employers Can Use Mentors to Improve Positive Peer Pressure to Create an Effective Team

In any level of position or any job of an individual, there is a need to be a set of standards and training involved. In this, the company may invite mentors to come to the workplace to come and teach employees things such as sexual harassment or discrimination and equal opportunity in the workplace. In most cases these mentors are well trained to handle such situations in the workplace especially in the army forces there is training conducted daily on such issues. Strengthening the standards of equality and informing the ranks that it is not acceptable to associate with your peers at any position. This teaching, although filled with the paramount goals, does not always get through to the employees. Having an outside source inform the company on how to conduct business, it is like a strange object in part of your body like skin, and your body wants merely to discard the object. The advice given, however from somebody who is respected and in a position of authority can and will have a long-term impact on the good of the group and might make for a secure workplace where a competent group and team can cooperate.


Overall, having a positive normal group behavior at the workplace can be very tricky, but with a great pay off amount. If the individual is contemporarily pleased with work then that transfers over in their personal lives which in turns returns to the workplace and makes for a positive atmosphere of working, one where people would feel incredible about coming to work. This change in behavior can even inspire efficiency, even at the highest level.


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