How Does Procrastination Impact University Student's Academic Performance? - Paper Example

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Date:  2022-08-15


Academic performance can be affected by many factors and this paper will focus on the impact of procrastination on students. Procrastination is the habit of postponing the things that one can accomplish today for a later date. This behavior and attitude is common among students especially in the college or university level.

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The adoption of the behavior of procrastinating brings a lot of time management issues to students. Procrastination makes it hard for students at the campus to manage their time properly which makes them have irregular sleeping patterns due to different sleeping and waking hours. The lack of time management skills brought about by procrastination is also likely to contribute to distorted eating habits where the students fail to eat regularly and also find themselves indulging in unhealthy meals [1]. Procrastination makes most of the students at college fail to implement time management strategies that would help them to focus better on their studies. The students at the university procrastinate so much that they deny themselves ample time for self-care which would be reflected in their time management and eventually inn the results of their studies. Procrastinating habits impact negatively on their academic performance. This is due to the mismanagement of time that could be better utilized in their academic work.

There is a strong correlation between the sleeping habits of students that can impact substantially on their academic performance. College students have internalized procrastination in their daily routines such that even bedtime gets pushed way into the late night. This creates a pattern where they do not get adequate sleep and this affects their concentration and organization the following day. Constant sleep deprivation is the leading cause for students to sleep during the day once they postpone their sleeping hours the previous day. Procrastinating the bedtime simply robs off the students of their quality sleep meaning they fail to get enough physical rest to face the subsequent day [1]. The sad part is that students postpone their bedtime in preference of engaging in other activities that do not contribute positively towards their academic work. Poor quality sleep and irregular sleeping habits contribute to lack of adequate rest that in turn hampers the concentration of students in their studies. At the end of it all, the students record negative academic performances due to the combination of sleep deprivation, procrastination, and poor time management skills.

There are various approaches that students at university can apply to cure their habit of procrastination. Students can manage their time better by having a timetable that directs them on what to be done and at what time throughout the day [2]. This helps them avoid wasting time on unnecessary things and focus their attention towards their studies. Students at college can also cure the problem of procrastination by ensuring that they get enough rest. The best way to make sure that they are psychologically and physically prepared for the events of their day is through getting enough and quality sleep. Taking regular breaks at frequent intervals helps cure procrastination because overloading themselves with work will only wear them out [2]. Working with their classmates in discussion teams will help ease their studies and keep off the urge to procrastinate. Studying in a group helps them internalize various academic concepts better as they pass time unlike studying alone which makes time seem like at a standstill. The other effective strategy to avoid procrastination entails rewarding themselves every time the students complete a given task. in the title or heads unless they are unavoidable.


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