Home Schooling Goes Mainstream

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Date:  2021-03-09

In the article Why Parents Choose Home Schooling, Chris Jeub from the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development discusses the supplement of academic growth through homeschooling. The author states that home schooling supplements the whole idea about true education and that is, the passing of culture. A culture that surpasses most educators feeling that home schooling isolates the children, yet it creates a workable environment. If academic growth becomes the apex of any childs educational life, then home schooling can never deter it from becoming an achievement. The author asserts that in the event that a child is confined to home schooling, desirable culture is passed to them. The desirable culture in this case would entail the best educational standards that any sane parent would wish their child to attain. A feeling that the child is isolated in the event of home schooling can therefore be brushed aside, so long as the ultimate objective of a childs education is achieved. Educational achievement even becomes easy to fast-track with the presence of two parties, the student and tutor together.

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What is more, the whole concept herein seeks to demystify the idea that home schooling only frustrates a childs future in the educational world. The article presents a rejection to the ideas that isolation and poor academic performances surround the whole process of home schooling. To illustrate the ideas, there are many other relevant reasons that could help omit perceptions that home schooling is ideally misplaced. A response to the claims, therefore, serves well to make it simpler to understand.

Firstly, I fully agree with the fact that home schooling is another simple way of integrating desirable culture into students. As a social concern, most parents are pressed down with the dire need to see their children grow into more responsible people (Milton 10). No parent wishes that peer pressure common in schools, affects their children. Home schooling, therefore, presents a more perfect mode of inducing a desirable culture and behavior likeable by not only the parents but also the society.

Another point that I strongly support is the fact that religious reasons play an integral part or reason to home school children. It becomes important to notice that a great percentage of American immigrants would wish to have their children grow according to their religious wishes (Milton 10). These parents would never wish that American religious beliefs influence their way of worshipping. It is also prudent for them to have their children home schooled, to avoid the public school likelihood of strangling the religious system.

One point that I tend to disagree with is the view of the author concerning homeschooling on the education of the child. Especially the author points out that home schooling never interfere with academic gains of the child. The reason for disagreement is due to the reason that a childs entrance into a school set up should be in the need to attain academic standards that are comparable to the state standards. Home schooling, therefore, means that the child would never be able to know his or her place in the academic world. The school set up presents an ideal system for evaluation, where the childs academic capabilities are easily reviewed by a variety of teachers.

In conclusion, the whole idea of home schooling is laudable, as long as it satisfies the parties involved: the parent, the child and the home tutor. It is prudent enough to acknowledge the fact that home schooling for many parents is done for flexibility reasons (Milton 10). Even with the upsurge of virtual schools, curriculum suitable for the students is kept under check since the parents can subscribe to them.

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Milton Gaither. "Hoover Press". N.p., 2016. Web. 20 Feb. 2016.pg. 10

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