Happy Days, Season 1, Episode 1 - All the Way. Movie Review Example.

Date:  2021-06-21 18:38:50
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Happy Days is a comedy, music and family show whose distribution began on 15th January 1974 when the first episode titled All the Way originally aired. The first episode was written by Philip Mishkin, Rob Reiner, and Gary Marshal. The comedy was directed by Mel Ferber. The show was transmitted in black-and-white, and the syndication method was television. Happy Days was affiliated with ABC network. In the first episode, the main characters that star in the show are Richie Cunningham, Marion Cunningham, Warren Potsie Weber, Mary Lou Milligan, and Howard Cunningham. Additionally, the show guest stars Ralph Malph and Marsha Simms. The plot of this show centers around the squeaky but clean Cunninghams in Milwaukee with the family buying a television that Postie uses to convince Richie to use as an entertainment tool to get Mary Lou Milligan for a date. The show also highlights the relationship between the Cunningham Family with Fonzie, known for his endeavors in motorcycle riding but who became a pop-culture phenomenon in the heydays of the show in the 1970s. This paper will elaborate on the first episode of the Happy Days titled All the Way.

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The episodes aired on Tuesdays at 8:00 pm-8:30 pm (EST) for 30 minutes on ABC network. Postie sets Richie up with Mary Lou who was a girl with a racy reputation around the whole town. In the episode, Ralph shows everyone his hickey at Arnolds place. Richie is handed a Mickey Spillane book titled I the Jury and is set up with Mary Lou who resembles Bridget Bardot by Postie. When Richie attempts to read part of the book to Mary Lou she tells him that he resembles Pat Boone. Postie then brings along a bra to assist Richie in unhooking it, but Fonzie takes it off the radiator located in the restroom. Richie goes ahead with his pre-planned schedule when he finds Mary Lou at Mrs. Kellys place.

The aspect of conflict arises when Richie is set up with Mary Lou by Postie, but he does not go far with her. In the end, Richie is devastated and crushed. However, Richie brags to Fonzie and others at the baseball games and leads them to believe that he got far with her when that is not true. Later in the episode, Fonzie sets up a well-organized date with Mary Lou which does not go down well with Richie who claimed to everyone that they were together. Conflict resolution in this long-running sentimental sitcom is evident when Richies father uses a great sense of advice, conciliation, wisdom and wit of experience to advise Richie and console him when he is devastated and crushed about not getting far with Mary Lou Milligan as well as Fonzie setting up a date with Mary Lou. Conflict resolution can be through a deep sense of advice, conciliation, and the wisdom of advice offered by those with wit and experience, in this episode Richies father (Romero & Aureli, 2017). The fathers ability to give a harmonious advice to Richie is one that is admirable giving the series top ratings during its time of airing on ABC. On the other hand, Howard is deeply entranced by the new family television. He sits in the living room alone just watching a taste of tone and pattern. Later in the sitcom finale, Chachi and Joanies courtship are brought to a happy ending with a wedding that marked Richies return.

I think that Ritchie was a cunning and deceitful character with low integrity because he made people believe that they were together with Mary Lou and would get far but this is not particularly true. Also, I consider Richie as a proud character who brags to Fonzie at the baseball games concerning his relations with Mary Lou. Moreover, I think that Mary Lou Milligan is a lively and entertaining character in the episode with a high integrity portrayed by a strong reputation. She is well known around the town therefore easily set up by Postie. Indeed, this dramedy combines both comedy, drama, and family to portray a realism about life concerning the Cunninghams and their family relations. The main production team was instrumental to the top-class ratings of the sitcom and their work significantly recognized and appreciated.


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