Gun Violence and Social Media Crisis Cases Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-20

Shooting at Orland Square Mall in Orland Park, Illinois (1-21-2019) - success

After an alleged shooting at the Orland Square Mall, Mayor Keith Pekau delivers a very timely message to the to the organization's various stakeholders. The mayor passes condolence to the victims involved in the attack, appreciates the efforts made by the police and security personnel in handling the situation, and assures the safety of the community following the attack. The organization's security team communicated with the management in good time and the police were notified fast. Security officers handling heavy weapons responded very quickly within a few minutes to identify the shooter (D'Onofrio et al., 2019). The police then communicated with the public after taking control of the situation before engaging all the media outlets within one hour. After that, they sent notifications to the public through various social media platforms, code red calls, and emails.

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Domino's Success using Social Media

Domino's social media crisis broke out after two of its employees uploaded a video in the YouTube showing themselves performing some unclean acts on sandwiches before delivery. The video went viral in the social media destroying the reputation of the Domino's brand. However, Domino's success resulted from the excellent relationship in the social media with their loyal fans who, during the crisis, notified them. The communication strategy that was used by the Domino's involves releasing a constructive first statement to neutralize the uproar, creating a Twitter account to distance themselves from the incident and reassure their customers of the necessary steps being taken to combat the issue (Agnes, 2012). Domino's used their still-loyal customers to spread the apology via Twitter and assure the public of the safety of their brand before releasing the official statement video optimized to counter the offensive video.

Parkland, Florida Shooting

The communication before, during, and after the alleged shooting by Nikolas Cruz at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was poor between the school administration and the law enforcement officers. According to Berman (2018), Cruz had issued repeated threats a few weeks before allegedly conducting such a fatal attack. The red flags of the attack were, however, treated with coldness by the law enforcement officials. During this incident, while the fire alarm was on, poor communication in the school's security status brought a sense of confusion because both students and staff could not tell what exactly was happening. As a result, they responded to it as a fire break out thereby giving an opportune moment for Cruz to shoot many of them without getting inside the classroom. Many Broward Sheriff's deputies did not go in to neutralize the active shooter but instead remained in their positions putting up a protective gear as the shooting occurred. The Broward school system kept the attack information from the public thereby hindering the free flow of information to multiple security agencies. In addition to that, the FBI also acknowledged their failure to act swiftly to the threat tips.

Virginia Tech Shooting Failures

The mass shooting at Virginia Tech University was as a result of both human and communication failures. The campus security was very relaxant with 24-hour open access to the buildings. According to TriData (2007), this provided the opportunity for Seung Hui Cho to carry out all his illegal operations without any notable barrier including purchasing guns, and continuing to launch an attack at the Norris Hall. The campus alert system lacked upgrading thereby increasing the possibilities of an attack at the campus. In addition to that, the response time was prolonged to counter the murder. The Commonwealth, all its agencies together with both local and private providers, had an inadequate response to the incidence. They used an outdated emergency response plan with a lot of notable deficiencies in the event of combating an active shooter. In addition to that, the VT did not involve the police in the critical emergency decision making.


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