Case Study: Child Abuse

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Date:  2022-07-08

Presenting Problem/Concern

In this case study, Mrs. Meza has lost 8 pounds in one and a half months since a child abuse report was filed by the Child Protective Services (CPS). She has noticed that the night sweats she was at that point experiencing have significantly intensified; she awakens three to four times each night drenched with sweat and ends up exhausted at work the following day. Likewise, she has had crying spells both at work and at home and feels overwhelmed. She has endeavored to conceal her feelings from her husband - Mr. Meza, although he is worried that something is wrong with her. He sees the circumstance as worrying and needs her to see a specialist, yet she does not want to as she fears deportation especially after what occurred with the child abuse report. She contemplates what might happen to her family if she were compelled to go back to Mexico and fears this would annihilate her family.

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Background Information

The Meza family have been in the United States for a long time, and their three children, Enrique,Myra, and Jesusare all U.S. nationals, having all been conceived there. Amid the application procedure, Mrs. Meza's motherwas very ill, and she had to go back to Mexico to take care of her until her demise a half year later. Due to this visit, she was unable to get her official documents prepared, although her husbandmanaged to secure legal status. Legal status affects the foreigners' way of life in many ways, over an extensive variety of activities.Notably, this is seen in sectors that are important when settling down in a new country, for example, work, access to advanced education, health services, andsocial services.Moreover, the impact of lawful status cuts crosswise over generations, with the undocumented status of the parents specifically affectingthe children' development, notwithstanding when they are citizens of the country.

Mrs. Meza does not have a health insurance coverage on the grounds that she is not a citizen of the U.S.The fact that she lacks a legal status regularly causes pressure both for her and her family, particularly when she turns out to be sick, and they need to pay for all her medical expenses. Mrs. Meza worked until she delivered Minerva's at a dry-cleaning shop, where she was exposed to the toxic fumes of harmful cleaning liquids since her undocumented status kept her from effectively finding another job.

Recently, a serious issue emerged when a referral to Child Protective Services (CPS) resulted in a home call to the Meza family. Mr.and Mrs. Meza remained home from work to deal with the humiliating circumstance and to clarify what happened. Mrs. Meza fears that more associations with CPS may make expose her lack of legal documentation.Even thoughMr. Meza is presently supportive of her, she is always frightful about the care of Minerva. She calls home a few times amid the day and has requested that both Myra and Enrique return home right away after school every day to take care of Minerva.

Assessment Process

Therapeutic rapport is the expressway that associates the counsellor with the patient. Developing this interstate takes into consideration the mutual conveyance of information and guarantees that the information achieves its goal with the objective that it can be handled and acclimatized (Tickle-Degnen, 2008). Without this rapport, the information can become mixed up in interpretation - or confounded. Most importantly, therapport should be developed before counselling or treatment starts.

Skills to Develop a Working Alliance with the Meza's Family

I would build up a rapport with Mrs. Meza using the following techniques: (i) Read the Meza's family notes before every session especially if I am seeing consecutive customers. (ii) Listen without judgment: We all have values and morals, and while this ought to dependably illuminate our training, they ought not to meddle or interfere with mycounselling procedure. (iii) Use disclosure with caution: I believe this is an excellent method to develop a relationshipwith Mrs. Meza. (iv) Use of empathy: Active listening not just makes a feeling of trust amid counselling, yet it prompts the improvement of compassion. Notably, this is by a long shot the most intense strategy with regards to creating a rapport. Establishing a significant association with the family will imply that I feel what they feel. This may mean that I cry when they cry or feel outraged when they feel outraged giving great knowledge into what the patient is feeling, which can be utilized to enable them to comprehend and process their emotions.

Ways that Cultural Differences Between the Client and Social Worker can Influence the Relationship and Approach with the Client

Researchers and specialists have indicated the requirement for socially delicate psychological well-being mediations. However, it has not been resolved if the incorporation of social components influences the manner in which mental wellness patients encounter administrations(Nihgov, 2018). Ethnic minority patients, for the most part, feel that issues with respect to race and ethnicity are more critical than White patients(Nihgov, 2018). At the point when these components are viewed as imperative however excluded in their care, the patient is probably going to be less happy with the treatment. Steady with the idea of social responsiveness, socially significant parts of the emotional well-being administration encounter are notable among ethnic minority patients and can influence how they react to counselling. Even though a large group of research focuses on the subject of racial contrasts (e.g., racial match) amongst patients and specialist in treatment, little is known concerning the discourse that happens amongst counsellors and customers. The dialogue of race and racial contrasts from the get-go in treatment is a case of a social competency ability(Nihgov, 2018). Specialists have recommended that open discussions about issues of ethnicity and race can advance a situation of trust that will eventually profit the treatment procedure.

How to Approach Meza's Family to Obtain Information in a Manner that lines up with Social Work Values

In approaching the Meza's family toobtain information, it is vital to put ethical standards of cultural awareness and social diversity into consideration. It is imperative to comprehend culture and its capacity in human conduct as well as the society, perceiving the values that exist in the Mexican culture. Likewise, a knowledge base of Meza's family culture is important with a specific end goal to exhibit capability administrations that are sensitive to the Mexicans way of life. Moreover, having training about the Mexican culture is essentialto comprehend the idea of social oppression and diversity concerning religion, national origin, race, migration status, and mental or physical capacity. Moreover, it is imperative to regard Meza's entitlement to privacy, and in this way, their private information ought not to be requested from them aside from convincing proficient reasons.

Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

In positive psychology, strengths are worked in capacities with regards to specific considerations, sentiments, and practices. Each person has all the character qualities related to the ethics of transcendence, temperance, justice, humanity, courage, and wisdom.

Mrs. Meza Strengths incorporate wisdom and knowledge - she is receptive: Thinking things through and inspecting them from all sides. Her second strength is courage: This is clear in her enthusiastic strength that includes the act of will to achieve her objectives despite restriction, even though she does not have legal status. The strength of temperance is another attribute evident in Mrs. Meza. She is watchful about her decisions to avoid calling attentionto herself after what occurred with the child abuse report. She is likewise sympathetic; she pardoned her relative even after their correspondence issues and clashes about taking care of Minerva.

Her shortcomings incorporate nervousness as she is loaded with mental misery and uneasiness as a result of dread of misfortune that might befall her if she is separated from her family to a point she has lost 8 pounds in a month and a half since the child abuse report. She has noted that the night sweats she was at that point encountering have increased and awakens three to four times each night doused with sweat and ends up exhausted at work the following day. Likewise, she feels overwhelmed and has had crying spells both at work and at home. Additionally, she is complex; she exhibits an obsessive concern or dread of what might happen to her family on the off chance that she was deported. Also, Mrs. Meza is paranoid; she shows an irrational and outrageous dread or doubt of others particularly her mother in law. She is always dreadful about the care of Minerva and calls home a few times amid the day and has requested that both Enrique and Myra get back home promptly after school every day to take care of Minerva.

Environmental Strengths and Weaknesses

One of the environmental strengths for this case is that Mrs. Meza has informal support from her mother in law who came from Mexico to assisther with meals and housework. Likewise, the family has figured out how to purchase a house, and the children are in school and have managed to secure American citizenship.

One of the environmental shortcomings is the social condition in that physical dormancy is common among women of immigrant status and varying ethnicities from Mexico. Notably, this stationary way of life assumes a considerable part of the well-being status of the women who are additionally distraught by low financial state. Another ecological shortcoming is Mrs. Meza's occupation since her undocumented status kept her from effectively finding another job. She worked at a dry-cleaning establishment, where she was presented to the fumes of toxic cleaning liquids. Additionally, Meza's housing presents another natural shortcoming. The family has been hesitant to report exploitative landlord who did not return rental deposits as concurred or who had neglected to address dangerous plumbing issues that endangered the family health and disregarded housing codes. They were worried about the possibility that the proprietors would report them to the USCIS.

Targets and Goals

Micro-social work is the most widely recognized practice and happens straightforwardly with an individual patient or family. The primary worry for micro social work is to connect with people or families to take care of issues. In this case, this will incorporate helping Meza's family to discover proper social and health care and services. Individual counselling and family treatment would likewise fall under the protection of micro practice, as would the treatment of Mrs Meza experiencing a problem with mental health.

Mezzo social work deals with little to-medium-sized gatherings, for example, neighborhoods, schools or other nearby associations(Rubin and Babbie, 2016). For this case, the objective incorporates spotlight on institutional or social change as this will guarantee that the requirements and difficulties of the Meza family are comprehended and tended to in tandem with more significant social issues.

The practice of macro social work is the push to help patients by mediating vast frameworks. For this case, it incorporates campaigning to change in health care laws to cater for migrants living in the U.S. soil or wedded to its subjects, planning for an expansive lobbyist gathering or upholding for vast scale change in social policy. Macro activity one of the critical refinements between social work and other helping callings such as mental therapy.It tends to issues experienced in the practice of mezzo or micro social work, and social work study. Macro practice will enga...

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