Annotated Bibliography on Economics and Politics

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Date:  2022-05-09

Careaga, A. (2014). Crossing the US Policy Void.

In this book, good governance and well-organized institutions are imperative for economic growth and development. Careaga helps us understand about this relationship and give recommendations on crossing the US policy void.

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The author carries a research that is aimed at understanding the ways to cross the American policy gap. The author is forthcoming about investigating the political institutions and the performance of the economy. The authors approach to provide a general solution on how to cross the policy gap.

Duggan, M., Singleton, P., & Song, J. (2007). Aching to retire? The rise in the full retirement age and its impact on the social security disability rolls. Journal of Public Economics, 91(7-8), 1327-1350.

In this book of social security issues, Duggan, Singleton & Song attempts to ascertain the reduction in the benefit of social security for the retired workers. The writers through investigations show how the rise in the retirement age has affected the social security benefits disability rolls.

As experienced economists and sociologists, the authors are aware of the limitation the will experience in investigating the impact of increasing the age of retirement on the social security disability payrolls. Duggan and others are forthcoming in their methods supplemented with broad research on the subject. The paper is well researched and descriptive.

Gormley, B. (2010). Laura Bush: America's First Lady. Simon and Schuster.

In this book, America's first lady Laura Bush biography touches all aspects of her life. How she fell in love with education and reading at a young age. The author brings her well thought and experienced perspectives, love for children and the author's interest in education.

To match the broader audiences as Americas 43 first lady, she utilizes speeches and public appearance to express what entails the American believe, that is, they should be treated with dignity and all children should have the right to education.

Leech, B. L., Baumgartner, F. R., La Pira, T. M., & Semanko, N. A. (2005). Drawing lobbyists to Washington: Government activity and the demand for advocacy. Political Research Quarterly, 58(1), 19-30.

In this book about drawing lobbyist to Washington, Leech, Baumgartner & Semanko employ an agenda-setting approach. They show the interaction of entities and the development of the government. The authors carry out a pooled time series evaluation of registration reports and the government measures on this activities.

The writers are aware of the problems they could face in the analysis of the reports and coming up with the necessary recommendation. The project indicated that many groups in Washington became active as a result of the pre-existing levels of the government activities.

Porter, D., & Craig, D. (2004). The third way and the third world: poverty reduction and social inclusion in the rise of 'inclusive'liberalism. Review of International Political Economy, 11(2), 387-423.

In this book based on market liberalism research, Potter & Craig try to explain how ways are being found to introduce market liberalism with a more inclusive dimension. Through employment of poverty reduction policies, social inclusion promote empowerment and security of the people.

Through research, the authors are able to sketch the salient features of the inclusive liberalism. This project is well thought and researched as the team examined the public policy in developing country.

Ravenhill, J. (2017). Global political economy. Oxford University Press.

In this book based on the global political economy, raven hill attempts to ascertain whether there is increased coverage in the rise of new actors in the global arena especially the BRICs, and the role of developing economies in the governance of the globe.

The author argument is well articulated, the book also uses rewrites the chapter on global trade regime. In the evaluation of the reorganized part 2 includes new coverage on the global production and trade. The author's ideas and arguments are insightful and well thought out.

Rodden, J., Eskeland, G. S., & Litvack, J. I. (Eds.). (2003). Fiscal decentralization and the challenge of hard budget constraints. MIT press.

In this book based on the fiscal decentralization and the challenge of hard budgets constraints, Rodden, Eskeland & Litvack carries out a multi-cultural analysis of the conditions under which decentralization countries might ensure cultural discipline. The writer tries to ascertain how local governments are taking over from the national governments.

The authors have based the book on a research project at the World Bank, creates and develop an analytical framework for evaluating and addressing budget limitations. They examine financial, political, fiscal and land market mechanisms. The research is well developed and gives insight to decentralization.

Tran, E. (2003). From Senior Official to Top Civil Servant. An Enquiry into the Shanghai Party School. China Perspectives, 2003(46).

In this journal based on an inquiry into a Shanghai school, Tran tries to show from campus a student and a worker how the young executive can progress from senior official to the top civil servant. The writer shows the many faces of a party in a school and reveals the pulse of the communist regime in China.

The author through research tries to ascertain whether the communist regime is an instrument in the service of the party state or an agent of change. Tran ideas and arguments are clear and concise. He also shows a level of mastery of the subject.

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