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Date:  2022-05-23


Psychology is a scientific discipline of the brain, mind, and behavior. The reason why some people engage in the graduate training in psychology is that they are interested in contributing knowledge to the discipline. Some individuals pursue the study because they want to provide services to groups or individuals based upon psychological science.

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Moreover, the master degree in psychology can take two or four years to complete the program and one can assist as an intern in the school to cater for one's school fees. For one to graduate in the doctoral and the master's degree in psychology one is required to complete hands-on learning experiences; thus, the conventional learning can provide flexibility than a Ph.D. in psychology. The opportunity to gain licensures and certifications are generated by these specialties, which enable the students in this field to separate themselves from their peers, and the up-and-coming professionals. Furthermore, psychology scholarships and fellowship opportunities increase while one is working towards their master's degree in psychology. The comprehensive resources for identifying and securing financial aids are offered by the organizations of psychologists to ease the financial burden of earning the degree. Other than the school-aids, state bodies and fraternities, the scholars can seek fellowship and studentships from the private establishments. The requirements for a master's degree in psychology program entail an undergraduate transcript with 3.0 minimum GPA, a maximum of three recommendation letters, and the GRE standardized tests. Further, some additional materials such as a personal statement of intent, previous research papers, health insurance, and immunization records are essential (psychology, 2018).

Besides, one of my extreme fears for applying for a graduate school is not being able to choose the potential advisors. Having completed college with a degree in financing, I got a job as a financial advisor in a microfinance company. After working in the organization for several years, I generated interest in forensic psychology and decided to specialize in this field not knowing how or where to begin. I had no clue about the universities that offered such programs neither the available faculty. Secondly, choosing the graduate programs becomes hectic because you have to contact the history department to obtain the application and valuable information from the prospective school. Along with the tedious research, an individual is obligated to write to the director of the history department to get answers to several questions regarding the prospective college. Some of the significant interrogations in investigating include what courses are regularly taught, how many years the program is guaranteed, is the funding available, does it include a student's waver and so on.

Thirdly, asking for letters of recommendation from the teachers is another obstacle because most of the universities ask for three letters, and choosing which professor to ask for the recommendation letters can be challenging because one requires a compelling recommendation. Moreover, after determining the professors who will write the recommendation letters, you are required to approach them early in the process, well in advance of the application deadline. Lastly, writing a personal statement can be difficult because you do not know what to write about the particular discipline, and how much to exaggerate interest in or commitment to (King & McMichael, 1998).

One of the reasons why the master's degree in psychology appeals to me is because it offers an opportunity for one to dig into the area of psychology that the person is interested. The scholars with the master's in psychology can choose from a variety of specialties, including, social work, substance abuse, marriage counseling, and sports psychology; therefore, enhancing flexibility because one has acquired the established learning experiences. Another reason is that when you have graduated with the doctorate in forensic psychology, you are capable of entering the industry as an expert because the accredited colleges offer the best education, which is recognized by the managers and the peers (Psychology, 2018).

Equally important, for one to be admitted to the Ph.D. program an individual has to complete the relevant seminars and internships. By accomplishing these preparations, it demonstrates a commitment to the independent research, and it is appealing on the doctorate of psychology application. In the career of psychology, the data analysis and the clinical investigations are the most vital components in psychology because the focus is in comprehending the human behavior as much as is on the treatment of mental and behavioral health. Secondly, cultivating professional relationships with a community of peers is a prerequisite when enrolling for a doctorate in psychology. An individual can reach-out to colleagues through the professional associations and alumni fellowships (Psychology, 2018).

To prepare for admission in the psychology degree, I will need to take a test with the Graduate Record Examination GRE, to attain high GRE scores, because the students with the lowest GRE scores are never admitted in the graduate psychology colleges. Further, to gain admission in the prospective university, I would prepare the transcripts together with the recommendation letters in advance to avoid delay in the reporting of the scores to the program, which I am applying. I would organize and communicate my experiences and interests in the personal statement to gain admittance (Jamieson, 2011).

The program that is closest to the other program I am considering is the ethics and legal issues in psychology because the individuals become familiar with the substantial legal responsibilities associated with the psychology field. The reasons why the SFSU program would meet my education goals is that it provides campus stability and a fulfilling's career path for the scholars in different disciplines for example master of science in psychology program with the concentration in the schools, and clinical psychology. Moreover, masters of Arts in psychology programs, which concentrates on the development of the human mind, behavior, and the brain. These courses are structured in meeting the learner's academic needs to further their education goals. Furthermore, the SFSU program contributes to additional studentship undertakings, for instance, the proficient membership on the local and the national boards; thus enhancing the association between the SF State and the society (Psychological department, 2018). The SFSU and the collaborative teaching staffs obtain knowledge of the current literature and readings concerning research to maintain discipline in the related field. Besides, the body formulates the module materials such as the discussions, lecture, and the syllabi. The SFSU coaches and delivers efficient professors to the graduate and the undergraduate learners on the subjects such as clinical consultations, the practice of school psychology, neurocognitive development, neuropsychological valuation and much more. The association participates in the analysis process of the syllabus for authorization and consent from the California State.


To sum up, a master degree in psychology can take two or four years to conclude the lesson. Flexibility is developed in the discipline of psychology because there is a standardized training involvement. The association of psychology can ease the finance problem in the attainment of the degree by detecting and safeguarding the scholars' financial assistance. The necessities for a degree course in psychology pertains the GRE standard test, undergraduate transcripts with 3.0 minimum GPA, recommendation letters and much more.


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