Google: The Behemoth of Search Since 1998 - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-04-09


Sergey Brin and Larry Page founded Google Company in 1998. At the time, they were both PhD. Students at Stanford University, which is located in California. Google is subordinate to Alphabet Inc., which is a holding company. Since its introduction in 1998, Google has been handling approximated 70 percent of the worldwide search. Moreover, Google has been enjoying the most users as compared to other companies like Mozilla Firefox and Bing. The headquarters for Google Company has been in Mountain View, which is located in California. At first, Google began as an online search firm. Later, it ventured into providing different services to its users. The services include the use of emails, online document creation, and software for tablets, computers, and mobile phones.

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Situational Analysis

Google, which is the biggest search engine, continues to experience Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. One of the strengths associated with Google is that since its development, the company has never faced stiff competition from its competitors like Bing, Yahoo, and Mozilla Firefox (Clarke et al., 2017). Another strength associated with Google is that it has been experiencing higher revenue since its introduction. One of the weaknesses linked with Google is that it has been shammed for its excessive privacy in terms of hiding their algorithms. Excessive advertisement is another crucial weakness that faces the company (Sarsby 2016). Thus, Google was known to collect approximately 80 percent of revenue from revenues. To run effectively, the company must look for strategies to protect the revenue collected from reducing. A reduction in the revenue collected might serve as a gate pass to the companies' failure in their annual target. It might risk being overtaken by search engine companies such as Bing and Yahoo.

In terms of opportunities, Google continues to experience a noticeable service in conjunction with the Android Operating System. Working with Android Operating System has enabled Google to compete with other brands such as Apple iOS. Another opportunity experienced by Google is that it has been interested in undertaking a non-Ad business model. The non-ad business model will ensure that Google gains commercial transactions (Graham 2017). Alongside the opportunities, Google is faced with several threats. Google Company has in the past faced threats because of its collaboration with China's search engine dragonfly. Just like any other company, Google is faced with threats regarding the competition (Kale 2014). Competitors such as Amazon and Facebook are slowly catching up with Google in terms of popularity and new features.

Google’s Philosophy About Advertising

One of Google's philosophy about advertising entails no displaying items on Google search pages when the items are not related. Google's main aim is to ensure that it provides little information per search (Ganguly 2019). According to research, less amounts of search information has been known to attract more attention from people. Moreover, less search information makes their search engine to be faster, efficient, and easily accessible. It is human nature for people to ignore search engines, which bring many results at a go. Google standouts from the rest of the search engines like Bing in that their searches do not include pop-ups (Tran 2017). In addition, Google searches consist of a limited number of companies' advertisements.

Recommended Areas of Growth for Google

One of the recommended areas of growth for Google is that it needs to find a suitable way through which it would be able to maintain its search speed. As the search engine gets more popular in different countries, the more it gets slower because of traffic. In addition, Google needs to work on improving its Android database (Finn 2020). In android phones, it has been reported quite a number of times that it is slowly becoming irrelevant as more other search engines are developed. It would be necessary for the Google Company to rebrand. Rebranding would, however, give people a new feel of the search engine.

As a way of marketing, Google can introduce more free services to Android users as a way of reaching a higher number of Audiences. Google, which is known to have its own branded mobile phones, can benefit significantly from having Google Assistant free of charge to all the owners of Pixel and Pixel XL handsets (Mirro 2020). This would enable Google to have an exclusive, unique feature in its branded pixel and pixel xl handsets. Google needs to focus on ensuring that applications such as Google daydream are not only applicable to android 7.1 and above but also the older versions.


In conclusion, Google continues to experience challenges in terms of its marketing strategy. To coop with such challenges, the company must be ready to take on different tasks occasionally to bring about uniqueness. Google uses a philosophy that entails limiting the number of search results. The limitation in the number of search results allows the engine to run fast and effectively which acts as a benefit as compared to Bing, Mozilla, and other search engines.


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