Global Initiatives: Benefits & Impact on Interns

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Date:  2023-01-16

Interpersonal skills and self-efficacy, as well as confidence, present a series of benefits interns obtain from global initiatives that then influence their intimate experience regarding the coordination of strategic initiatives among the global organizations. Identification of practices within these organization serves as the fundamental pillar through which global initiatives incorporates to ensure there are common beliefs throughout the organization, thus making it easy to promote partnership solution to problems. Based on the region, some differences lie regarding leading global virtual cross-cultural teams because of the cultural impact in the region. The effect might be negative or positive, and this is the reason why the introduction of leading practices is essential as it provides a standard way individuals from various organization works with globally. The cultural difference holds multiple influences such as business team communication as well as workplace etiquette. The purpose of this research is to unveil the concept of global organizational culture as related to best practices regarding leading a virtual cross-cultural team by focusing on the following research questions: the difference between leading U.S based virtual cross-cultural team and the global virtual cross-cultural team as well as international benefits of an internship.

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The information gathered in this report has been sourced from secondary sources, and all of them are listed in the reference section of the research. References used are sourced from the government various websites, academic journals as well as news articles hence comprehensively providing reliable data for this research regarding the global initiatives as well as best practices for leading a virtual cross-cultural team.


The different culture within organizations holds varying work ethics that influence how an organization works globally as well as its rules. This is so because culture influences interns as well a cross-cultural team, thus an essential section that organization should focus over by coming up with best practices that suit organizational teams.

Practices for Leading Virtual Cross-Cultural Team

Create a universal language that can be used by various interns within the cross-cultural team. Since communication is one of the primary methods, the organization uses in managing their teams, selecting a common language would foster the type of any best practice the global initiatives incorporate in a cross-cultural team (Mehta, & Mehta 2018). It will form the basis of workplace etiquette that is comfortable with everyone within the cross-cultural organization.

There is a difference that involves leading the United States based virtual cross-cultural team and global virtual cross-cultural team. The difference lies in the communicative competence as well as cultural influence. The cultural influence is immense in the United States based virtual cross-cultural team, and individuals get absorbed over easily.

Teams with unpaid internship develop standard forms to be signed by interns acknowledging relationship existing between the team and interns. For regulatory purposes, both parties should be aware that the intern is not based on money or compensation within the organization but instead based on the experience offered.

Individual coaching, as well as leading forms the basis the organization can employ to introduce interns in the United States. Creating room for virtual such as coffee room is one of the ways an organization can incorporate so as interns celebrate their diversity.

Benefits of an Internship Program

The internship program holds various benefits right from the organization as well as individuals' benefits. Improving industrial skills while learning is one of the benefits interns obtain from an internship program, thus fostering their experience hence a benefit (Rego, & Simpson 2018). The organization benefits from interns because of services offered by the interns within the same organization.


To sum up, there are several practices recommended leading a virtual cross-cultural team, and this includes creating a common language, among others. The interns and organizations hold various benefits from the internship program.


Mehta, A., & Mehta, N., (2018). Knowledge integration and team effectiveness: a team goal orientation approach. Decision Sciences, 49(3), 445-486.

Rego, A., & Simpson, A. V. (2018). The perceived impact of leaders' humility on team effectiveness: An empirical study. Journal of Business Ethics, 148(1), 205-218.

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