Genre Analysis of a Professional Email Essay

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A professional email is a formal message that is sent electronically using computers via a network that is unified. According to Ballock et al. (56), it is a form of transferred information which occurs electronically through a network such as an internet between computers. It usually contains the user's business name. It is significant to comprehend the genre features of a professional email, the purpose of such a mail and how the features help one to accomplish the purposes of a professional email.

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A good professional email must have the following genre features:

  • It should be concise, that is very brief and straight to the point (Crossouard et al. 377).
  • It should use appropriate tone and be polite
  • It should have a central intention
  • It should have a summary to start things off
  • It should be organized logically and well
  • It should have a clear action plan

A professional email can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, it can be used to send instructions to members of a sales group in an organization (Gimenez-Moreno et al. 24). Also, professional emails are flexible intermediaries to send recommendations to clients, notices of sales meetings, and events (Leijten et al. 285). Additionally, new rules in a firm or a business can also be communicated using a professional email (Moon et al., 176). Brief summarized and organized mail saves time and makes communication within a company faster.

Sample Professional Email

To:[email protected]

CC:[email protected]

Subject: New Enterprise Contract Email

Respected Mr. Moses

I, Joan Perkins, the executive officer of Serene Companies am writing this mail to you to commence the enterprise contract between our companies formally. I would start by mentioning that it is a pleasure to be allied with your prestigious company and we hope to continue with this relationship to the prospect years.

Your firm, Loreal Private, has earned respect and is built on similar principles as Serene Companies. Both companies will benefit from this relationship, and therefore I urge you to work towards making the collaboration successful. Through financial openness, correct synchronization of actions, and joint understanding, we must exploit the best possibilities for our companies.

I would like to let you know that my signature is on the contract and I have attached a signed copy for you to act as a reference. I look forward to having a wonderful relationship with your company.

Yours sincerely,

Joan Perkins

Genres Features in Successful Communication

The information communicated to the Loreal Private Company is concise and straight to the point. The primary intention is formally to commence the enterprise contract between it and Serene Companies which is presented in the first sentence of the email. Appropriate tone and politeness feature are also used in the professional email. This is through use of words such as pleasure to be allied, and I look forward to among others (Staples et al. 179). Additionally, the email has a central intention which is commencing the contract between the two companies. The professional email also has a summary to start things off which is mentioned in the subject section (Toth et al. 446). It is furthermore organized logically and well. The major conversation issues have been handled in separate paragraphs. The professional email also has a clear action plan since the process and results of various actions has been stated (Zhang et al. 145).

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