Generating Campaign Messages Essay Example

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Date:  2022-08-23

When generating campaign messages that target varied and a large audience, marketers are faced with the difficult task of deciding which message bet suites the audience. Campaign messages targeting antismoking behavior, empathy based messages are the best in such areas because they tend not to activate psychological reactance unlike the fear based messages. Empathy messages market the campaign in a positive way that the tobacco users feel that they are wanted and understood by the society. Such messages will provoke an individual to change the behavior, fear based messages on the other hand which portray tobacco use as a vice activate psychological reactance among tobacco users and hence result in them being ignorant about the message (Shen, 2011). The generation of empathy based messages is based with a lot of challenges because marketers need to develop a message which discourage the behavior while making the audience feel understood. Generation of this messages may end up promoting tobacco use instead of discouraging the act. The use of empathy messages enables designers to be in the shoes of the target audience of their marketing messages. By being emerged in the environment with the audience the designers will best come up with messages which are friendly to the target group (Shen, 2011).

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Marketers should concentrate on the experience that others have over their products, services or campaigns other than concentrating on the rates. Human beings react differently to a given message, this therefore calls for carefulness when marketers design a message, the message should make the general public to like and promote the brand rather than criticizing it. To best design messages which are liked by all the audience it is required of designers to put themselves in the shoes of the target group. Being in their shoes means asking the right questions, at the right time and in the right way. To campaign on anti-tobacco use it is expected of the designers in the public service to understand that the emotion tobacco users have when they are act to abstain from using tobacco products. To understand the audience it is important that all senses are addressed by marketers' i.e. ability to see, hear, think or feel, say and do. On the visual part marketer should identify if the audience are interested in design and keen to detail of a message addressed by a given marketer (Shen, 2011). This feature enables designers to be cautious on the design of the message. It is also important that designers understand the work that their audience as an income earning activity and moreover it is important that the designer understand how the audience think. To effectively design an empathy message designers are required to identify the fears of the audience. By understanding this fears the designers will be careful when designing the message on the pain points that the audience are likely to be angered when reached. Designers should use second person perspective when addressing the audience to make the audience feel the empathy in the message that is being addressed (Shen, 2011). To be able to design an emphatic message it is required that designers have good listening skills, listening skills enables the designers to get the views of the audience without asking any question or posing a complain. Generally empathy based messages should be designed in a perspective that the designer is one of the victims and how as an individual would react if the same message was given to him or used on him.


Shen, L. (2011). The effectiveness of empathy-versus fear-arousing antismoking PSAs. Health communication, 26(5), 404-415.

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