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Frank Jones and his team need to perform a job analysis to define the tasks and duties of all employees along with what they need to perform them. A job analysis is a systematic process which involves collection of information about critical aspects of a job. It plays a critical role in identifying the responsibilities, duties, as well as specifications of a job. The main methods used in job analysis include interview, questionnaires, and observation. The best job analysis method for Sleep Tight Inn to come up with WRCs for selection and recruitment of a front office customer service representative is a combination of questionnaires, interview, and observation.

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Job Analysis Method and How It Yields WRCs

The questionnaire is an efficient method when observation and interview are used to verify the questionnaire information from employees (Cascio, 2015). Observation involves a job analyst observing an employee performing the job as well as taking note of the duties and tasks duties performed. However, observation is not efficient on its own because some jobs do not have complete job cycles and hence, not easily observable. On the other hand, interviews are time-consuming and complicated to conduct. Questionnaires are efficient but limited when it comes to the presumption that all employees can communicate and analyze information about their work accurately. It is important for Mr Jones to conduct internal surveys through questionnaires, and verify the questionnaire information.

Job analysis using questionnaire method involves the distribution of questionnaire in person, through email, or any other means (Cascio, 2015). Apart from the questionnaire looking to find out the tools, tasks, activities, and equipment required in performing the task, it is also aimed at finding out the work environment and requires WRCs to accomplish a mission effectively. Mr Jones in the Sleep Tight Inn scenario can derive the WRCs required to perform the visible workplace consumer amenity descriptions using the method above.

Representative Service for WRCs 3 Sample Front Customer Office

The front administrative center customer service representative has the following roles and responsibilities: greet and welcome guest and they answer their questions and complaints that they raise, ensures that there are neatness and tidiness at the front desk, receive the calls from their clients and inform them about parcels, letters, dispatching messages to the relevant recipient, keeping office records and updates, and also perform other duties that are allocated to them (Gatewood, Feild, & Barrick, (2015) . The three samples WRCs that can be utilized to test their operation include activity sample, test sample, and the performance test sample.

Activity Samples

This sample determines the time quantity of time spent by the worker performing some specific tasks or even other activities under a certain category. This type of sample also ensures that the responsibilities are quickly analyzed and recognizes those opportunities that have been defined through the actual workflow (Gatewood, Feild, & Barrick, (2015).

Test Sample

This sample utilizes the sampling choose and techniques whereby the samples are analyzed, and the study is conducted which is used to study extensively (Morgeson, Brannick, & Levine, 2019). Once the study has been done then the recommendations for other units are done. This will enhance the operation of the units and provide the best results of the visible workplace consumer amenity descriptions.

Performance Sample

This type of sample establishes the optimal operational by studying on the responsiveness of the employees together with certain parameters (Morgeson, Brannick, & Levine, 2019). The employees' quality attributes, therefore, can be measured, and then they are adjusted so that they can achieve higher operational efficiency.


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