Gender Wage Gap and Other Labor Market Difference Between Men and Women Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-06

An overview of the gender wage gap and other labor market difference between men and women

The wage gap between men and women is more comprehensively talked about subject regarding the views from each individual perspective. Some people tend to believe the wage gap has resulted because of discrimination on the side of the women .while on the other hand,, there are those who think it has come as a result of different traits and preferences regarding the labor market trends. However, the determinants of the wage gap concerning individual characteristics of employees are the use of a unique database which includes psychometric score, and bag rut as well as good indicators to determine the skills of an employee. Predominantly, the difference in the wage gap has been explained about the following area. One, is the work hours. Many a time men are believed to be work g for more hours in their workplace as compared to the counterpart's women, as a result of this, the variable becomes differences regarding occupations. Secondly, achievement in math has also contributed to this, whereby men tend to be good performers in math as opposed to the women who do very little. Notably, even though the share women contribution in academician is high, but the participation of women share in the world of technology still stagnate at 20 to 30 percent after many decades back while men have decided to flood the world of technology.

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The description of the evidence on how men and women's behavior differs

Many decades down the line, men have decided to fight for gender equality in workplaces. Men have been trained to think like a woman and women are advised to act like men. However, this behavior changes has resulted in some traits whereby stereotypical traits like fear for women and men being aggressive have been reinforced. Apparently, exaggeration has been done to these stereotypes traits. For instance, today people believe that gender traits are part and parcel of us since play an influential role in our workplaces. Pertaining some research done, men have discovered to be linear in processes of thought and more narrow in their focus while on the other hand women have been portrayed to see problem holistically and able to come up with an excellent understanding to rescue that situation without knowing the details of everything. Ideally, with knowledge in business, a balance of both perspectives are applicable. Furthermore, concerning many research done on sexes, shows that women leaders are judged to be more supportive and rewarding as compared to their counterpart's men.

Whereas, men are judged positively in areas of delegation and managing up. Notably, men are believed to be early adopters of technology; thus they are more reliable as compared to women.

A discussion on the potential effect of behavioral deference's on workplace outcomes

Regarding this, we would say that in a workplace where there is some kind of conflicts may impose either a positive or negative reflection. Whereby, a positive result has a weak positive effect on work-life experience; however, there is no significant impact on job performance. Other than that, employees with more experience opportunities are more resourceful in term of delivering (Grant, 2011). Additionally, in line with an exciting job, scholars have given attention to the strategies that may easily influence the employees' sense of impact at work.

If behavior could be changed would society be better off?

Yes. First, it will promote equal employment opportunities for both genders without discrimination hence a society that is complete. Other than that, it may create potentiality in leadership by the management since people will now work concerning the experience that one possesses. Additionally, there will be the same task since no job specified for a particular gender, but people will tend to work to achieve the goals of the organization. More significantly, it will promote work diversity in all aspects.


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