Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Assessment Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-07

Unlike IQ test, which majorly concentrates on linguistic and logical intelligence, Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences assessments look into numerous intelligence elements which include linguistic, logical, musical, spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalist, and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. After assessing myself, I was able to determine three of my strongest intelligences as well as my weakest three. The best intelligences included existential, kinesthetic, and interpersonal. On the other side, my lowest intelligences were visual, logical, and naturalist. I was generally an extrovert who had good listening and communication skills.

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Existential intelligence is a common trait among philosophers. An existentialist tends to look into the bigger picture. These individuals contradict known and lasting truths in the society. While some people plan for the very moment, existentialist plan way into the future. Additionally, they are good listeners who can read and interpret the mood of the surrounding. Personally, I have good existential intelligences, which is manifested, through my philosophical mindset that is always thinking of the greater good. This intelligence makes me a good leader who is willing to listen and reason from both perspectives before making any decision.

A person with strong kinesthetic intelligence is good at using the body skillfully and handle items adroitly. The coordination between the arms and the eyes is greats among such individuals. As a kinesthetic, I can easily use my body to convey my feelings and emotions. My face reacts differently depending on the emotions that I feel. One of my core habits is showing affection to people.

Interpersonal intelligence describes an individual's ability to associate with other individuals in a friendly manner. A person with excellent interpersonal intelligence is mostly an extrovert. In my case, I enjoy making new friends and find it easy to keep a conversation going. I have stable relationships due to my effectiveness in understanding people. Interpersonal intelligence is responsible for making me tolerant of many issues that would otherwise not be tolerated by other individuals. Even though I am accommodating, I do not like some issues. Therefore, I also find the best way to tell them the truth. The many friends that I have can be attributed to my social intelligence.

According to the multiple intelligence assessment, visual, logical and naturalist intelligence was my lowest. I do not readily remember peoples' identities. Additionally, I am not a good artist. My visualization of the world is very plain and standard. Therefore, my artistic creativity is not of high quality. Secondly, I do not perform well in science and mathematics. When faced with problems that require a chain of reasoning, I do not conceptualize the idea and the pattern used in solving such problems. The poor mathematics skills contribute to my lack of love for technical subjects. Finally, I also scored low in the naturalist intelligence test. I am not endowed with significant knowledge about flora and fauna of the world. Unlike a naturalist person, I find it hard to accurately classify the numerous species and varieties of creatures in the environment. In summary, lack of the visual, logical, and naturalist intelligence limits my ability to relate with technical subjects, the environment, and art.


In summary, Gardner's multiple intelligences widens the intelligence scope and thus capturing the varied scopes of intelligence among people. My multiple intelligence assessment results show that I am an existential, interpersonal, and kinesthetic intelligent. Such traits give me good leadership quality.

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