Relaxation and Mindfulness Exercise Personal Journal

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Relaxation is a way that can be used by an individual to release off fatigue after some stressful moments or a tiresome day. The process will require an individual to activate the responses to the relaxation that is in the body to have the whole process to work successfully. There are some practices that one can put into action to help manage a useful relaxation exercise. These may include the training of such techniques as meditation, deep breathtaking, yoga or even having a regular activity. The relaxation practice, in general, helps in boosting the energy and moods of the individual as well as improving both the mental and physical health. The response in these aces is of vital importance since it helps in boosting the chemicals that are responsible for quick actions and flights and call to action of an individual to act faster.

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I took the progressive relaxation as recorded in my journal below:

Personal Journal

22nd July 2018 from 6.00 pm to 6.15 pm

I got home from the duty and decided to take a rest. I took the exercise in the dressing room at home. This was an evening after some tiresome day, and I took the initiative to let myself be relaxed and feel some sense of comfort. I first took off the shoes and the clothes off my body. The removal of the clothes and the boots was beneficial to me since the tightened muscles were relaxed and I had a free feeling of the freshness. I had the relief from the muscles and felt great. This came along with comfort, and there was a relaxation. The general feeling of the very process was felt, and the impact of this is that the was freshness that just came all over a sudden. I felt like it is a commendably good thing to do. Apart from the relief on the veins, I felt a great and awesome cooling effect that came over me when I removed the cloths. This was so because when I took off my fitting clothes, I dressed others that were very light and casual. This gave me a better experience of the day and to have a better day well spent and ended. As well I also had a feeling of awesomeness in the general sense of the body due to the elimination of tension and fatigue.

Second entry

22nd July 2018 From 7.00 pm to 7.15 pm

In the resting room within the compound, I decided to take a rest with the regulation of the breath. I breathed in and out slowly several times and took a deep breath as well. This was effective in performing the relaxation process as well. I felt relieved from the he4avy gasp that was as a result of the hard work during the day and the long traveling that formed part of the activities of the body. By taking a deep breath, I felt a reestablishment in the breathing pattern and rhythm. The regulated inhalation and exhalation made feel the freshness in the breath and to be able to relax and release the tension. I felt the renewed strength, and I recognized the impact as being very significant. I experienced the newness of the whole system and got revived in the strength. I also felt sleepy after taking the extended rest and was relaxed in the entire body system.

Third entry

22nd July 2018 From 7.30 pm to 7.45 pm

Having moved to the physical room, I decided to shift my attention on the right foot paying the attention of the feeling that came forth with it. I did this for the few minutes and noted the excitement and the experience as well. I felt great to change on my right leg or rather foot, and the feeling was awe-inspiring. There was a considerable increase in the relief on the right foot just as the observation was taken. I felt like I regained power on foot and was ready to do the other activities and even to move and to take a walk. The whole process was testing on the effectiveness of the relieving power of the muscle relaxation. I felt like the foot became lighter and easy to move and to manipulate and even to perform other activities such as running and also jumping. I tensed the muscles in the right foot and squeezed the muscles so tightly. I held and did the monitoring for a few minutes. The squeezing of the muscles came along with a feeling of strength on the very foot. This experience was essential in making the most required performance and working of the whole body. Since the leg carries all the other parts of the body, it was vital to have the very feeling in the legs in their freshened state.

Forth entry

22nd July 2018 from 7.50pm to 8.00pm

In the gym room, I relaxed the foot having the focus of the tension on the flowing an away and the foot became limp and loose. This feeling in itself was great since the foot felt loose to be used in the other areas of life and activities. I felt like beginning a new move just like a child after a rest. The foot as well felt limp, and this was one of the most important feelings that I ever had. The foot appeared like it had been treated or massaged but was not. This was a natural therapy that helped the foot to be relaxed. The feeling of limp was that which made me have ad see the value of taking time to do the physical exercise in the evening. I was fresh in the brain as well, and the fatigue in the foot was done away with. I stayed in this relaxed position for some time taking a deep breath in and out. This accomplished the whole process of relaxation of the foot and made the foot so flexible in action and performances.

Sixth entry

23rd July 2018 from 6pm to 6.15 pm

While in the same gym, I followed the very process as previous and this time round concentrated the left foot instead of the right foot. The relaxed position had a test of prolonged rejuvenation of the overstretched veins and muscles in the foot. This process of relaxation was repeated and keenly followed for the left foot which underwent the same experiences. The feeling of relief was experienced and the foot felt light and light. Having the two feet relaxed it was a great release of the joint pants that were felt in the knees and the ankles. This was a great achievement in having the relaxation progressive performed to the muscles. The relaxation of the feet was important for it initiated the effective movement and ease at the same time.

Seventh entry

23rd July 2018 from 6.30 pm to 6.45 pm

The accomplishment of the relaxation process has culminated with a relaxation which involved moving the muscles up and down through the body. This was done relaxing and contracting different muscle groups in the body including the bicep and the triceps. The movement was keenly done to ensure that only the intended muscles were moved at a time. This still took place at the gym. The whole body felt relieved, and there was a better flow of the blood. The entire body got relieved, and there was a general improvement in the movement of the body parts especially the joints of the body.

Eighth entry

23rd July 2018 From 7 pm to 7. 15 pm

While in the gym still, I involved the relaxation process to all the body muscles and putting concentration on different muscles at a time. The relaxation of the muscles was done continuously and formed a habit which seemed like an addiction. This was a relaxation process that made the general body to be revived and felt easy to manage. At this involvement of the whole body, I felt like even the tensions were ended and was relaxed even in the mind and thoughts. I carried this on and repeated it for the several muscle apartments of the body and the feeling of relief was all over the body muscles. The consistency in practice made it easy to adaption to the whole process. I felt temperature reductions in my body and a unique freshness was evident in the whole body.

Ninth entry

23rd July 2018 from 8pm to 8.15pm

I took time to stretch the movable joints and the adjacent muscles to them while still in the physical room. I stretched from all the sides and from the feet to the neck. There was a feeling of relaxation of the muscles that seemed number and crumped. I was able to feel the real compression of the muscles relieved. I did some sit ups and the compression of the belly and back stretches. This left me with a little tact feeling on the stomach muscles and on the back as well.

Tenth entry

23rd July 2018 from 7.50pm to 8pm

I took light walk within the compound to really release myself from the gym. I felt it was easy to move than it was before in the other days when I did not take the exercise. I felt loosened in the muscles and walked with a lot of ease. I was able to feel that the feel the breeze that came in at the very time. While walking, I also felt like some of the joints were getting stretched while in the process of walking.


In generally the whole process was of great impact and feeling of relief to the whole body muscles. At the begging it was not very easy since the first time the muscles were injured and were painful. But with the continuity and persistence, the muscles adapted to the exercise. The deep relaxation process that I took in one way or the other acted as a technique to solve and tom control the anxiety and stress. Even the signs of some chronic pains were reduced due to the relaxation taken during the process. The process is otherwise based on simple practice and light activities which involve the tensing and tightening of the muscles at given times which are followed by relaxation to release the tension from the whole body. The relaxation process was able to relieve even such diseases as headache and even the conditions of cancer pains from the body and this is why even the doctors use the very process in combination with certain curatives to treat such like diseases and to control the conditions of such pains. Relaxation is proven to be one of the best and natural ways to treat individuals and is one of the surest home treatment methods. The feeling and the working of this process is effective and is in a way a method to rejuvenating the worn out cells of the body and that is why it comes with the freshness to the body when performed. I can prove the process to be implemented by everyone who needs a corrective measure on the muscles and even to recap on the depression. The exercise is the major part of this very process which also in a way aiding in burning of the calories in the body. It is therefore a commendable process for the reliese of fatigue and stress.

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