Free Report Example on Rehab Services: Peterson Health Care's Mission

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Date:  2023-10-10


The mission of Peterson health care is to provide highly trained doctors and nurses in their institution to serve the society in the best way ever. The mission statement here explains how the vision will be achieved to make a profit. The mission statement here is an action statement that begins with the word "To" (Leggat, 2015). The mission statement here is to provide rehabilitation services to all the people who are suffering from various disorders. The aim of the mission here does not take into consideration the profits that might be earned (Baron & Rathod, 2018).

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Vision Statement

The vision of Petersen health organization is to acquire numerous health equipment to facilitate the opening of more branches globally. This includes what the person wants to have acquired before that time comes. The vision statement in this particular organization is to cover a large number of people in the society who are suffering. They also have a vision of opening numerous branches in the future to curb disorders such as depression.

Values Statement

A value statement of Petersen health organization it shows the value of all the facilities that have made the institution to be successful. The facilities include well-developed ICU units and a modern laboratory. The statement also shows the value of the soul assets that makes your business run effectively (Gurley, 2015). The value statement also states the advantage of prospectors doing business with you rather than the competitors. By so doing, much profit is gained compared to the competitors. The value statement in this particular organization shows the value of assets, including premises and vehicles that have made it to be successful. The statement tells more why people should take their patients to that particular institution. The statement here is not aimed at making profitable benefits. The statement here aims at providing assets in high quality and quantity to satisfy all their customers (Baron & Rathod, 2018). The statement here is not aimed at competing with other businesses.


To conclude, the values statement should show the value of the assets concerned. The values stated in the Petersen health care organization should assess the cost of future assets they intend to purchase. By so doing, there would be a proper reason why the health care organization is successful. The values statement should include the cost of all the assets the organization wants to acquire in the future.
The current and future asset values should be assessed to make work easier for individuals who might feel about financing the organization.


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