Management Essay Example: Change in the Healthcare Systems

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Date:  2021-04-01

Components of Change

Change is naturally inevitable, and it is done for the reasons of improving the organization especially when there are shortfalls and also required to give an organization a new form which will contribute to future success. Before a change is implemented, it is advisable to describe what change practices the people involved seek to achieve. A change in an organization like a hospital should put into consideration the many components and units which will be affected by the implementation of the change. The intended change should be transparent and contained, aligned, balanced and meaningful, lasting and sustainable, well-scoped and focused as well as being made in the light of the right context. All the above change elements need the leadership and management of the right leaders who have the capacity, tools and methods to implement the elements. These leaders need to respond to the needed corrections as well as tracking and adjusting the resources needed for the change.

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Breakthrough Change

In the healthcare systems, most of the staff and leaders believe that they should always make an incremental change to the sector, not knowing that bringing change from a low level is way much better. This kind of thinking has brought progressive churn in the organizations with the changes not being stabilized. The ultimate results of this flaw have reduced the overall performance in the organizations. The change should be a continuous process done at the whole organizational level so that improvements can be realized. The team which is responsible for the changes needs to have some basic knowledge of all the component of the organization. First of all, the team needs to be launched on the basis of the needs of the organization. Then, the team needs to understand the current performance baseline, why the current performance is as it is then lastly launch the change and makes sure it is consistent.

Project Tiers

Projects are mainly the essential parts which the change occurs. Some projects can be tackled independently without causing interference to other projects in the organization. Other projects fall under the same umbrella and a series of linked processes between different departments have to be addressed together. The complex programs need to be addressed as one entity. In this case, the change team and everyone else who is involved should thus have the knowledge needed so as to be able to handle the processes accordingly. Assumptions in this case of project tiers would thus bring unintended changes that might have far many negative effects which might be hard to reverse. If the changes in the projects would be made with an already formulated solution in mind, then the possibility of overlooking other related effects of the change could be high.

Setting Goals

In Lean Sigma, goal setting is a key factor that brings a lot impact and if the goals are set well, the impacts are mostly likely to be positive. The basic rule is to set higher goals that one will value and maintain by the end of the day. Change team should not set lower goals since it may be easier to achieve but not valuing them and the ultimate result will be slipping back to the old situation. Setting loftier goals also encourages teamwork which is essentially important in achieving the desired goals since an individual staff may feel it unrealistic to achieve the set goal all by themselves hence would join hands with others to achieve it. Therefore, Lean Sigma has laid some basic change processes which if adhered to can bring the desired changes in an organization.


Furterer, S. L. (2014). Lean six sigma case studies in the healthcare enterprise. Springer London.

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