Essay on Blackwell Medical Center: Leveraging Strengths to Overcome Weaknesses

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Date:  2023-03-02

The Blackwell Medical Center is one of the most prominent academic centers in Eastern City. It operates under three authority lines namely school of medicine line and hospital line. Under these lines, there are various departments, such as the surgery department. Although the surgery department has remarkable strengths, it has weaknesses and needs to develop an action plan to overcome them.

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The Blackwell Medical Center prides in being the biggest hospital in the region and being highly profitable. Besides, the surgery department is growing tremendously and is the largest of all the departments. With 15 new surgeons, the department can improve its service delivery to its clients. Also, the department receives from the medical center, and this enables them to offset the physician's salaries. Besides, the subsidises are used to meet the operating overhead, like the programmatic expenses and the ancillary staff.

The clinic is facing several problems that impede the development of numbers. The weaknesses of the health care delivery system make it difficult for the hospital to perform its duty and responsibilities. Moreover, the hospital fails to make good profits adequate to the hospital without help from well-wishers. Four commonly faced weaknesses include net collection target, space, recruitment issues and management of care systems. The department lacks a goal-oriented mechanism to establish if the companies that the system manages are receiving excellent services. This is very dangerous for an institution that is expecting to make profit and run the company from the revenue. In this regard, Santana lacks critical information about the revenue it collects. The information about the income cannot be shared by the central office which manages the care system. Secondly, the hospital lacks a standardized method of recruitment and obtaining funds; neither can it track the approvals of the critical recruitment process. Standardization is needed in the hospital. Thirdly, the department lacks adequate space to accommodate more surgeons to be hired. Hence, hiring more surgeons is challenging because there is no place to house them. Besides, the department lacks an effective process for space allocation. Lastly, there is not net collection rate target. The current rate is difficult to reach since the revenue comes from the seven surgeons who do not participate in insurance plans and takes longer to collect and negotiate. With all these challenges, the department needs to develop a strategy that will overcome the weaknesses experienced in the hospital. Continuing to operate as it is, the department will be making a loss, and the entire hospital will be in tenterhooks.

An action plan is essential to offer solutions to the experienced weaknesses affecting the surgery department. The goals of the action plan will expand the departmental space to accommodate new number of surgeons, to have the surgeons participate in insurance plans, to standardize the process of obtaining funding and space, and develop a system to track the recruitment approvals. The last goal is to establish a mechanism to develop if managed care systems are managed appropriately. These goals will be implemented through the introduction of policies that make it mandatory to achieve some items. For instance, the surgeons will be compelled by the policy to be part of the insurance plan.

An action plan requires suitable resources to steer the implementation. It will be implemented using money and the management team as the resources. Payment will be used to pay the allowances for the management team that will develop the change process. Also, the stationaries will be needed for writing purposes and taking down the deliberations decided upon.

A timeline is a critical implementation factor that needs to be set straight forth. Hence, for this plan, the implementation will take place within five months. This time will be enough to lay out all the strategies and meet the goals of the action plan that will bring change to the surgery department.

Communication will be achieved through the use of various communication channels such as emails, memos and word of mouth. Meetings will be organized for discussions on how to implement the goals and the strategies set for the change initiative. The date and time for meetings will be communicated through the emails and the memo posted on the department's notice board. However, the minutes of the meetings and other critical issues needed will be transmitted using the emails. During the sessions, the communication will through word of mouth face to face.

Tools are necessary for executing the mandate of the change management team. Tools to be used in the change management action plan will be the Kurt Lewin change process tool. The device will guide the implementation of the intended change.


In conclusion, the surgery department requires urgent solutions to offset the weaknesses that it currently experiences. An action plan is critically important in meeting the needs of the department. The goals will be to implement a change process that will ensure that everything is put in its right place and that the surgery department will flow smoothly as intended and for the benefit of the entire healthcare.

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