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Investigation on Vaco limited focused on collecting information on Vaco limited areas to work after graduation. Vaco was founded in 2002, growing to serve more than 40 markets in the world, having 2, 168 employees 5, 500 consultants, and 750 million dollars in revenues with its headquarters in Brentwood, Tennessee (Craft, 2020). The full spectrum of Vaco's services and solutions is designed to meet the needs of the contemporary business as it is a global talent and solution company. Wayne Lynch, who is the managing partner in the Dallas branch located at 17300 Dallas Pkwy, Suite #1010, Dallas, TX 75248, wrote a message on the company website. He indicated his availability and readiness to engage with the company teams of experts addressing the challenges faced today in the business community (Vaco, 2020). Extensive knowledge of the operations of Vaco Limited presents the required expertise, which is essential in career exploration for individuals hoping to gain expert knowledge in strategic staffing, recruiting, and consulting services that are key for developing a competent manager in the future. The data provided in the report was collected from various secondary resources including Texas Vaco's website, Vaco's news website, PR Newswire,

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Research on Vaco individuals indicated the company provides flexible services rapidly scalable, high quality, and efficient services across the very functional sector, enterprise-wide, and initiative needs. Vaco Holdings Limited Liability Corporation, through its subsidiaries, collaborated with clients regarding strategic talent acquisitions and critical projects in the sectors of administration, technology, accounting, and finance. The growth of the company globally

Company History


Vaco was founded in 2002, growing to serve more than 40 markets in the world, having 2, 168 employees 5, 500 consultants, and 750 million dollars in revenues with its headquarters in Brentwood, Tennessee (Craft, 2020). Jerry Bostelman is the co-founder and CEO of Vaco started it to develop a space, or the talented all contents in the world can work freely. Jerry created Vaco Resources as the sole proprietor, and later in 2004, he collaborated with Brian Waller and Jay Holloman to develop Vaco. Vaco Supply Chain Solution, on the other hand, was founded in 2006, functioning as a subsidiary in Richmond, VA. The partnership in Vaco underwent a recapitalization in September 2014 with Quad-C, which is a middle-market private equity company. In 2017, Vaco was acquired from Quad-C by Olympus Partners, which is a private equity company. It offers boutique-level services having worldwide reach in sectors of strategic staffing permanent placements, executive search, consultative project resources, and areas of consulting, their areas of expertise include international managed services administrations, operations, health care IT, technology, finance, accounting, and c-suite search.


In Vaco's tireless effort to ensure augmented delivery, the company has acquired like-minded and inspirational companies from San Antonio, Texas, to Gurugram, India. Vaco purchased Focus Search Partners in June 2014, which is focused on the technology and healthcare sectors. Afterward, Focus Search Partners in March 2016 bought Charlson Partners, which is based in San Francisco, and Taylor Winfield in August 2017, which is a Texas executive search firm. The company acquired more service operations through the purchase of MorganFranklin Consulting, which is an accounting and financial consulting advisory firm.

On another point, Vaco has a significant social media presence on various networks, namely Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. The company has a LinkedIn profile with 100, 772 followers, which is a significant presence. The posts placed on their face include topics associated with managed services, company culture supply chain and logistics, finance and accounting, operations, vacant job positions, and consulting services. In Twitter, the company has fewer followers amounting to 727 compared to 477 followers in 2013, with more than 1500 tweets associated with consulting and hiring solutions (Owler, 2020). The increase demonstrates a 1.5 percent increase in followers in 3 years. The 730 Twitter followers illustrate an increase of 0.2% month over month and a rise in 1.35 quarter over quarter. Also, on Facebook, there are a few fans with 1935 fans as of 2019, which indicates a low presence compared to other networks.

Recent News

On April 13, 2020, Vaco partners with the cities of Memphis, Alabama, and Birmingham to offer crucial knowledge of testing and other significant outreach during the augmenting coronavirus pandemic (MarketScreener, 2020). It helps launch COVID-19 response call centers by employing displaced workers (MarketScreener, 2020). The partnerships with the cities allowed Vaco to staff the COVID-19 response centers with displaced people from their work during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

In recent news, Vaco was named to the Inc magazine annual list of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States appearing for the 13th consecutive year in the Inc. 5000 (Vaco, 2019b). It is one of the most prestigious rankings of the country's fastest going companies, which ranked Vaco in the 38th annual Inc. 5000 (Vaco, 2019b). Being represented among the most successful companies with the dynamic economy segment in America, the company seems to be putting a mark in the economic sector. It means a percentage of revenue growth in three years, demonstrating the company and all its departments are working on attaining the goals of the company. From the news, the three-year growth rate of Vaco is characterized by the opportunity of serving the clients through more than 40 offices globally. The level of engagement is delivered from the C-suite placement to attain a shared service center and the company's commitment to connections for life with all stakeholders, including clients, candidates, consultants, and employees (Vaco, 2019b).

In other news, Vaco acquired MorganFranklin consulting intending to innovate a new business model of end-to-end business solutions revolutionizing the professional's services industry. The integration of MorganFranklin into its business model developed a combination of a 750-million-dollar professional services innovator with the capability of providing permanent placement solutions, comprehensive strategic staffing, critical project resources, methodology driven consulting, and executive placement (Vaco, 2019). It also acquired Aventine hill partners who are San Antonio premier executive, consulting, and advisory search company on February 15, 2019. This year it has rebranded its name to VACO but maintains its business essence. The company is one of the areas in which Vaco furthers its reach, serving the more than 40 marketplaces globally.


Vaco, like any other company, has competitors in its field. The top 18 competitors of Vaco include Robert Half, Aquent, Kfrorce, TrueBlue, Allegis, Hays, SNI technology, TEKsystems, ASGN, BBSI, PageGroup, Korn Ferry, Adecco, Kelly Services, Randstad, ManpowerGroup, USG People, and Valintry (Owler, 2020). Vaco's number one competitor is Robert Half in the employment agencies field, generating more than 5.2 billion dollars in revenue compared to Vaco (Owler, 2020). Another top competitor in KForce in the employment agencies field is generating revenue, which is 263% that of Vaco (Owler, 2020). Aquent is the business support services sector that contains 1,086 fewer employees than Vaco, to mention a few (Owler, 2020). All of Vaco's competitors have amassed more than 499.4 million dollars, with approximately 356, 300 workers. More so, the revenue of Vaco is ranked 17th amongst the company's top ten competitors, with its maximum of ten competitors averaging 5.2 billion dollars. With the 2,168 employees in the company, it has acquired a ranking of 16 between Vaco's top 10 competitors, with the top 10 competitors averaging 17,882 (Craft, 2020).

Other additional competitors include Locksetp, Siamo Group, McCallion Staffing, and GSC recruitment specialists. Lockstep is a private boutique executive search firm founded in 2013 with the headquarters located in Santa Monica. Siamo Group offers personnel solutions combining complete recruitment services with IT, payroll, HR, and integrated training services founded in 1984 and located in Birmingham in Great Britain (Craft, 2020). McCallon Staffing is a private company based in 1979, offering recruiting services with headquarters situated in Montgomeryville in the United States (Craft, 2020). Also, GSC Recruitment Specialists are a private company founded in 1991 used in the recruitment sector, having its headquarters in London, Great Britain (Craft, 2020).


Vaco presents a better workplace culture that I would like to be involved in during the onset of my career. The findings of Vaco indicate that it is a peculiar organization succeeding in accomplishing its goals in the dynamic segment that involves independent private business. Admittedly, since its creation, it has grown with more than 40 offices globally and more than 2,000 employees which increase the revenue of the company. It has been named one of the fastest-growing companies in the private sector for the past 11 years. It is fully dedicated to achieving creative client solutions, lifelong careers, and long-term relationships.

Being an international solution and talent company, they offer expert recruiting services consulting, strategic staffing, specialized practice verticals, in ERP and EHR implementation, cybersecurity, and managed services. In this regard, they present a crucial learning opportunity that I can use to advance my management career. The trusted collaboration customers have with Vaco offers them a well-equipped company to develop my young career.

Furthermore, in all the functional sectors, enterprise-wide, and initiatives requirements, the customers, have demonstrated that the company delivers, flexible, rapidly scalable, high-quality, and reliable work. On a different note, the growth rate of the company indicates that it is growing in the right direction in which I would like to be a part of it going forward. It is not easy to follow a single course that guarantees a kind of spectacular growth. Still, the common persistence and seizing opportunities that is demonstrated by Vaco is very intriguing.


Craft. (2020). Vaco company profile - Office locations, competitors, revenue, financials, employees, key people, subsidiaries |

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