Courageous Steps Needed: Moving Forward as a Whistleblower

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Date:  2023-03-14


I would let Rod know that it can be a daunting task to determine whether to move forward as a whistleblower. It takes much courage to take this step and question if the company has done something, especially in the case of senior management or executives such as Bob. He should prepare himself for the anxiety and scrutiny that lies ahead of his mission. I would also tell him to understand that his next decisions would create worry in the company and would affect his position in the company if not done right. However, I would say it is the best decision he would take since Barker's behaviours are unethical and daunting to the company. His mission will end up stopping the misdeeds and change how things were done in the company for the better. Because you know, certain men will do somethings as long as they can get away with things the wrong way.

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He should also understand that once such actions have become habits, they are most likely going to continue if not dealt with in time. Also, Rod needs to realize that the logic for his whistleblowing must be relevant to the stoppage of the acts. Unfortunately, most reputable companies use the 'everybody does it' excuse for the vast amount of cash created by fraud and abuse in the workplace. Moreover, Rod should understand that his actions will determine the future of his career. Poor presentation of logic may raise concerns in the ways that Rod conducted his investigation. When leadership is at the forefront for bribery or business corruption, then the organization is most likely to have strategies to avoid detection. Therefore, since Rod has evidence or can get evidence, he is in a better position to deal with the issue. The possible lack of support should not discourage him, and preferably, it should encourage him since he is standing for what is right.

The management should take time to investigate the issues. Based on the propositions given by Rod, a better roadmap of the actions Barker in the last few months should be driven. Employees should be interviewed, and they should give their opinion on Barker's behaviour based on Rod's propositions. Proper investigation will be a critical aspect of success in this case. It is therefore essential for the management to note that Barker's position may instil fear in the other employees; hence, some may not want to come out since they might lose their job. Such fraud and misalignment of ethics may be daunting to the success of the whistleblowing activities. Barker's opinion on the situation should also be critically considered. In this case, Barker should be held accountable for actions after the investigations are proved to be true.

Some of the other issues in the case is the lack of business ethics. The company is engaged in the changing of prices in order to increase viewer engagements with the show. This failure to present relevant information may affect their relationship with the viewers if the issue is not appropriately handled. Additionally, CBS has not set proper management-employee channels for the handling of issues and review of cases. For instance, Bob has been having such behaviour for years, and the company had not yet identified the issue. Also, none of the employees had made suggestions on such behaviour. This is an indication that the work environment does not support feedback from employees, and this may affect the flow of activities in the company in the future.

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