Free Paper on Lifelong Learning: Shaping a Successful Post-College Career and Life

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Date:  2024-01-09

From an individual getting a degree to reading journals, getting continued education can assist one's career and life (Walden University, 2020). Whether one is commencing a new career or choosing a hobby, one needs to get fresh skills and knowledge. Therefore, the benefits of lifelong learning make one embrace the challenges that can be encountered along the way.

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The first benefit of lifelong learning is helping people succeed in their jobs. It is just about 15% of the total hiring managers in the country that agree most job seekers have the knowledge and skills that the company needs life (Walden University, 2020). Therefore, any graduate who needs a job should be among the 15% of life (Walden University, 2020). It means that every graduate should take the time to acquire the needed skills. The operation can be undertaken through a graduate certificate, college degree, or experience earned in a field associated with one who has a preferred career life (Walden University, 2020). Thus, doctoral degrees, bachelor's master's, and Graduate certificates are all significant to an individual. Dr. Chapman argues that it is essential to get a master's degree because of jobs and getting paid more.

Lifelong learning is an essential part of life after college because it helps make the brain stay healthy (Walden University, 2020). Research recently confirms that engaging in lifelong learning makes the brain cells function at the optimum levels. It can limit memory decline and cognition as people age. The best part about it is that it comes in different forms (Walden University, 2020). As individuals get new knowledge, the brain is kept healthier.

Helping an individual stay connected is another significant benefit of lifelong learning. It can be achieved by being part of continued education at universities and colleges and participating in art classes (Walden University, 2020). Besides debating significant issues in forums and online groups, adult education gives one the opportunity to meet new individuals and connect daily ideas (Walden University, 2020). Continuing learning also enables one to avoid being out of reach and make friends in the current world as one keeps in touch with most people in the class. According to Mr. Van Devender, it is crucial to be connected with computing and peers in networking and alerting other individuals regarding several opportunities. Schools have always worked towards building a good reputation with the alumni society.

According to Brooks and Everett (2008), lifelong learning is vital because it strengthens the learner's identity. It makes the students enjoy learning more and qualify for higher learning (Brooks & Everett, 2008). Through lifelong learning, one can know whether he or she is a fast learner or not (Brooks & Everett, 2008). As compared to the other institutions of learning like high school, it makes one highly concentrate on him/herself. Lifelong learning is a way of casting and developing the personality of an individual.

Information technology education is vital in lifelong learning because it promotes educational ideas and concepts reforms. Through computer training, Dr. Chapman argues that lifelong learning gives one the chance to work in a specialized area. Besides, IT enhances this by helping get gratifying results. Similarly, it promotes educational thought progress. Another role of IT is meeting the needs of modern teaching and education.

Furthermore, lifelong learning is crucial because it can help an individual be fulfilled (Walden University, 2020). For most individuals, they are part of lifelong learning since they enjoy it. Thus, it is not a surprise because research confirms that lifelong learning enriches an individual's life of self-fulfillment. When people take the chance to learn about new things, they open their minds and get the wisdom needed to make the world a better place through life-affirming endeavors and social change (Walden University, 2020).

As you have argued, it is true that in the computing profession, if one stops learning, he or she will fall behind the peers in different ways. Therefore, I believe lifelong learning is an essential part of my life after college. In the future, I hope to further my professional development and continue learning after graduation as it will not only help me improve myself, more qualified, and an ideal candidate for job opportunities, but it can also result in promotions.

Personal Strengths

First, I am a very creative person. I know being creative will help me express myself efficiently after graduating. Besides, it will play a role in promoting my problem-solving skills and thinking. Therefore, being creative will allow me to continue learning.

I am also an empathetic person skilled in understanding other people's needs and relating to them efficiently. Through continued learning, I will learn the best ways of responding to customers, even if they are disgusted with the services provided by the company I am working for at that particular moment. The reason is that I know the significance of having a happy client as he or she will remain loyal to the firm.

Another big strength I possess is my ability to solve issues efficiently and quickly. When presented with a particular situation, I can get several perspectives to make me a uniquely qualified individual to complete tasks, even in challenging situations. Being a good problem solver enhances me to communicate efficiently. It makes me so comfortable when interacting with the senior executives while I am a junior employee who just graduated. Therefore, being a person who considers all sides of an issue affecting an organization makes me a treasured asset in the firm.

I love and enjoy working in teams. The main reason is that it gives me more knowledge and ideas concerning a particular issue. If I direct a project, then I will work with the team members to ensure that we achieve the project's goals and objectives. Through this, the institution's productivity will be increased. Increasing productivity will make the company get higher profits because of high output, high competitive advantage, and opportunity to diversify and grow.

Personal Weaknesses

As much as I have several strengths, I also have my weaknesses. The first weakness is that I am an introvert. It usually makes it difficult for me to share my ideas in a group or even talk when in a team meeting. Although I feel that I had great intentions at times, I find it challenging to speak my ideas. However, I believe that I will improve and be open to sharing ideas while in teams with continued learning.

Another thing is that as much as I enjoy working in teams, I enjoy doing my projects alone. I hate arguments, and in most cases, team members argue when they disagree on a particular issue. Therefore, I consider it to put me under pressure and stress. For instance, while working as an intern in a particular company, we were given a project. Unfortunately, team members argued, and we only remained with a short period to complete the project. The issue made us work under pressure to complete the project on time to not fail our supervisor.


In conclusion, every graduate needs to consider lifelong learning. The reason is that it makes them stay connected, succeed in jobs, make the brain stay healthy, strengthen the learner's identity, and make one be fulfilled. As an individual who will soon graduate, my strengths include being creative, and empathetic, solving issues quickly, and enjoying working in teams. Unfortunately, I also have my weaknesses, including being an introvert and enjoying working alone due to reduced pressure. Therefore, after college, I believe that lifelong learning after college is significant after college because it will help me overcome my weaknesses. Interacting with different kinds of people, I believe, will make me an extrovert and an individual who can easily share ideas. Through lifelong learning, I will also improve my skills and knowledge in my field of study and work.


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