Food Service Industry

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Date:  2021-03-01

Every organization within the market needs to make profits that will assist in running the daily operation of the organization. The organization thus has to ensure they have put in place the relevant strategies that will promote the growth of the industry. The food service industry has been expanding the world in the current world (Po-Hsuan, Ching & Cheng, 2014). The market is monopolistic, and thus, there is a movement of the suppliers in and out of the organization. There are no barriers to entry, and thus, any willing supplier can render its services to the organization. The continued operation of the world has ensured there is continuity in the operations carried out on the market. The market has ensured there are several producers' of similar products and thus the organizations have to modify their operations to clear off the competition within the market (Lauer & Cohenour, 2014). The competition within the market has worked to ensure the organization produces the best products that will satisfy the needs of the market. The operations of the industry are influenced by the behaviors of the consumers within the market. The organizations thus have to ensure the consumers are well satisfied with the operations of the organization (Lin & Chen, 2014). The consumers should be adequately catered for in the provisions that the industry has provided. The hospitality industry is vital to the consumers since it deals directly with the health of the people. The organization may lose their market value easily depending on how they handle their customers (Tamburrini & Zhang, 2014). The enterprises thus have to ensure they are effective in satisfying the needs of the market. By satisfying the needs of the market, the organization will be able to collect the right revenue from the market. It is the duty of the management of the various enterprises to ensure the enterprises are performing according to to expectations.

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There have been a lot of changes in the hospitality industry in the recent past. The industry has grown rapidly to ensure there is the use of better technology in serving the various customers (Tamburrini & Zhang, 2014). The food service providers have incorporated new advanced technological devices that can attract the attention of the customers. The measures ensure there is the continuous flow of customers into the organization to ensure there is revenue flow into the organization. The industry has ensured the revenue that is collected is used back in the development of better techniques that can be used to control the operations of the industry (Cheng, 2014). There has been the introduction of various academic courses that trains people on the operations of the industry., the academic courses ensure the people who work in the industry are adequately trained and informed of the necessary conditions they need to accomplish to be considered eligible to work in the industry. In The past, the people who worked in the foods services industry were not adequately trained and used their basic cooking skills in handling the operations of the organization (Lauer & Cohenour, 2014). The move ensured there was no professionality in the activities of the organization. The practice has hence changed and thus the industry has access to trained personnel who can accomplish the goals and objectives of the organization.

The growth of the food service industry has also experienced advancement regarding size and quality of services offered at the hotels (Po-Hsuan, Ching & Cheng, 2014). There has been the development of hotels that cater for every social class within the society. The various social classes within the society need to access the food services, and thus, there has been the development of the mechanisms to ensure their needs are met. The move has ensured there is a continuous increase in the revenues gotten by the organization (Maines Paper & Food Service, 2014). Various people within the market believe that the food service industry within the market is the most stable industry since it rarely lacks the relevant customers to satisfy their needs. The various stakeholders in the industry thus have to ensure they apply the relevant techniques that will ensure their customers are satisfied with the operations of the organization (Cheng, 2014). The operations of the organizations within the market determine the general operations of the industry. The organizations within the industry thus have to perform according to the expected standards to ensure they attract the relevant customers.

The food services industry is still growing, and there is a projection for better advancement in the future (Maines Paper & Food Service, 2014; National Restaurant Association, 2015). The industry is destined to see an increase in the production and the services that are offered to the market. The industry has ensured it is continually in harmony with the current technological trends, and thus the market will easily determine what it needs to do to attract the customers. As a means, the customers are always attracted to the operations of the various organizations within the food services industry (Lauer & Cohenour, 2014). The customers are the priority of the industry and as such the industry has been effective in satisfying the needs of various people within the market.


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