Field Trip Reflection Essay Example

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Date:  2022-12-06


Every tour has merits and demerits as well as several lessons which are being learned during the field interactions. Most leaders who are found at the tour sites have basic information about the company or location being visited. They provide basic illustrations and guidelines regarding the place and give the participants an opportunity to learn more about the area. Similarly, through interviews, a lot is retrieved as the Center directors provide adequate information regarding the place. However, in Senior Centre lessons are too much and opportunities palpating with massive tips being displayed concerning significant issues affecting the areas toured. This paper examines the lessons learned at the Senior Center during a tour by students as well as different designs developed to improve the services which are provided by the agency.

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Poor interaction during a tour can alter the whole process. In our case, the Center Director was very adamant and unwilling to provide all the needed information adequately. In some circumstances, he just shrugged off his shoulders and omitted most of the questions asked. Similarly, the treatment which is being given to the senior citizens in such centers is not adequate. Most of them can be easily exposed to different disease or ailments which can easily affect their life.

Lessons during the Tour

Poor planning and inadequate resources during tours can mess up the critical issues which ought to be addressed. It is therefore mandatory for both the interviewers and the interviewee to be well prepared before the commendation of the process. Notably, it was learned that most senior citizens are very resilient persons. Their strengths and resilience are gained from the survival and ways they have undergone for their surviving pivotal periods in their lifetime. It was realized that through loss of personal loves and changes that senior poor have gone through their lives have generally changed and most times they seek assistance from any well-wishers who may come for their aid or rescues (Behrendt & Franklin, 2014). Similarly, most of them have undergone the Great Depression which has either strengthened them or reduced their capabilities to nothingness. Besides, they still look for other survival tactics to sail through.

Additionally, in the Senior Center, through interviews, it was learned that living long can expose some people to serious health hazards. The kind of life one lives is directly proportional to his or her well-being. Interestingly, the Director pointed out categorically that we need to very vigilant while dealing with such people because most of them are prone to heart failure or other deadly diseases like cancer and diabetes.

Moreover, the tour revealed that every person is needed for the success of the other. The interrelationship between people should portray moral support especially while dealing with the senior persons. Notably, failure to honor some ethical issues during tours may alter the whole process and makes the approach passive.

Proposed Designs to Improve the Services of the Agency

The proposed design includes the provision of all basic needs to the seniors as well as medical services. This should be done often to reduce the incidence of disease infections. Similarly, all the departments at the center to have an assistant director who works on behalf of the Senior Director to ensure that every operation is smooth (Boud, Keogh & Walker, 2013). Additionally, the government regulations should be used to address all issues affecting the senior in such centers to reduce chances of negligence among the officials which might expose them complications.


In conclusion, it is prudent for the participant to prepare adequately before the tour. All the formalities need to be addressed in good time. The procedures must be concrete to minimize the incidences of mix-ups.


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