DMO Involvement in the Destinations Product Development - Paper Example on Tourism in Italy

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Date:  2021-03-30

DMO responsible for tourism products development in Italy is Convention Bureau Italia. CBI as the critical Italy's DMO is a system of services providers, DMCs, PCOs, hotels, congress centers as private companies together with tourism boards and local CBs (Seaton & Bennet, 2011). The fifth position of Italy in global tourism is due to CBI involvement with the attributable aspect being CBI's function in the promotion of Italy to be a preferable MICE destination. The DMO represents and coordinates Italian tourism products such as Gabbana, Dolce, and Prada as the fashion products favorable for Chinese tourists. One of the recent efforts that show CBI commitment in product development is the reduction of time in Visa processing for Chinese visitors who are the target for Italian cuisine, the noodles.

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Hard Product Development Components

Hard products by definition are the tourism products that have substantial differences. All the tourism products fall are historic sites, recreation activities, transportation, tours, and accommodation. An example of hard product development component is the cleaning and preservation of Colosseum or Pompeii (Alivernini, Breda, & Iannario, 2014).

Soft Product Development Components

They include components for the development of closely related tourism products such as tours and accommodation to promote recreation activities (Seaton & Bennet, 2011). Examples of soft products under constant development in Italy include improvement of Gardaland and Miniatura which are the largest recreational parks in Italy (Alivernini, Breda, & Iannario, 2014).

Principles of Destination Product Development

The success of tourism Italy is due to adherence to product development principles. The basis is the approach for creating the value of tourism products (Nulty, 2011). They include:

Cultural and Social Inclusivity

Italy embraces multiculturalism, a key contributor of traditions and customs and Italian cultures such as Italian Peninsula, Roman Catholic Church which attract tourists.

Respect to Socio-cultural and Natural Environment

Italy's Regional Environmental Protection Agency protect the destination from environmental issues which can cause natural resources overuse and human congestion which reduce attraction amenities.

Offering Rewarding and Fulfilling Experience

Italy adheres to the principle by promoting tourist attraction activities, sites and destinations ranging from historical sites, art museums, shopping and dining spots and recreational areas.


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