Essay on Eco-Tourism in L.A

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Date:  2022-05-16


In essence, ecotourism is far more than just a catchphrase, especially for nature-loving travel and recreation. Ecotourism is consecrated mainly for preserving yet sustaining the diversity of the world's natural resources. This is a process where visitors are accommodated and entertained in a certain way that is less intrusive or rather destructive to the environment. Notably, the precise intention of an ecotourism is to sustain and support the innate culture in the area where it is operating in. the genuine meaning of ecotourism is the responsibility of both travelers and the service providers. This paper intends to discuss activities involving ecotourism in LA and its positive effect.

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It is no doubt that Los Angeles has always been a kind of leader and ahead of the curve especially when it comes to green travel ranging from the eco-friendly community transit to green seal as well as LEED proficient hotels. This is a typical place where the visitors are allowed to explore the city while still staying green with the all the electric metro rail system. Additionally, the nation's largest fleet of natural gas has been a factor in the success of the ecotourism. A successful green vacation often starts by taking a tour of the LA's green seal or rather LEED proficient hotel. Exploring the city on a two wheels tour is not new to the locals especially by the use of bikes.

Taking a scenic drive on a hybrid gas rental for maximum fuel efficiency is a culture of the LA locales. Apparently, many visitors in the area prefer gathering a group and letting someone do the driving especially with companies that are recognized in offering a clean-diesel, Mercedes all the way to hybrid SUVs. LA has all it takes to support the ecotourism such as organic menus and sustainable designs of hotels and restaurants. Essentially, this shows the long-standing commitment to the overall green movement while farmers in the area provide the best organic offerings.

The profit that the LA has enjoyed over years for ecotourism is enormous. Primarily, ecotourism has continued to support the endeavors of the economic diversity of the local people. Local services and producers are able to compete with bigger foreign organizations while native families are able to fend for themselves thanks to the support provided by the tourist. Moreover, the revenues collected from ecotourism in the LA help and encourage the local authorities to fund the conservation schemes as well as training programs.

Saving the environment that surrounds human beings while preserving the vast natural luxuries and forest beings is what encompasses ecotourism. The practice is centered at the local cultures, wilderness adventures, personal growth and getting the notch on how to live on the vulnerable planet, a trend that has been a culture and practice of the LA people. Creating an environmental awareness and respect necessitates a positive experience for both the host and the visitor's direct financial effect while still empowering individuals to raise the sensitivity of hosting social and political environmental care. Essentially, these are some of the bigger pictures of practicing ecotourism, an embodied practice in the LA societal settings.


In the nutshell, ecotourism has been a blueprint that represents the LA culture for many years now. While many have misunderstood the concept that makes up ecotourism, it is clear that people are finding meaning in it in recent times than ever. It is, therefore, evident that the aspect of ecotourism especially in LA has brought with it major positive impacts such as the financial well-being, appreciation of the vulnerable environment, and restoration of the local cultures and values.

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