Fashion and Interior Design Technology

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Date:  2021-03-09

Fashion and design is a vast growing industry that seeks to improve the economic and social wellbeing of the people. The industry is one of the oldest establishments in human history. Innovations have been made from time to time with each getting some degree of desirability from the targeted clients. The advancement in technologies has facilitated the ever-widening innovations in both technology and design. Through advertisements, these companies have managed to grow beyond their territorial confines and have even grown to global ventures. Any company that has well-established advertisement structures have invested quite a substantial amount of resources towards it.

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The trends that advertisements are taking for most industries are majorly web-based. Some that have ventured into advertising via social media have made considerable huge losses, and some have made significantly enormous gains. In the wake of the introduction of the web-based advertisements, people will have to pay those who host the websites. After having made the initial payment, then the company has to maintain these events by making regular pay facilitate the adverts. According to Dutta, n.d. social media is a platform that allows an entity, could be an individual or business entity to create a profile and share it with established connections within a bounded system and further widen the connections by including entities in its bounded list (Dutta, n.d.).

There are various companies that are well established within which people may opt to consider in their future advertisement endeavors. They include social sites like LinkedIn, Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter among others. As earlier mentioned, there are chances that the companies may not reap of their investments. The main reason is due to lack of concrete objectivity of those targeting a certain company. Most people have not really internalized yet the idea of social sites for any serious business engagement. Often, these are considered interactive platforms for most teenagers who have become a majority in social sites. They may view the advert by their attention may be drifted towards a different dimension as online dating which seem to make much more sense to them than the products he or she has seen advertised. It is therefore very necessary that awareness be created so that more people can join in to exploit the alternatives that these platforms have to offer.

Social media platforms also have created a means to improve the management strategies of the companies that they seek services from. This is facilitated by the ability to monitor customer-to-consumer conversation within the network. Basing the decisions on the information obtained the managers can choose to implement new ideas and correct where need be (Levin & Milgrom, 2010). This kind of communication when factored in, helps to grow the company and better its services.

The ability to create a network of target people will also help improve their outreach strategies. Unlike most traditional tenures when you had listened to a radio, watch television, read a periodical or posters, there is a better way to narrow the targeted individuals through web advertisements. When using traditional media, viewership is only limited to the person who can access these media platforms. Considering the fashions and design companies, we can certainly filter certain aspects of advertisements. Some of them may be regarded as abusive tor others while for others it could be their ulterior desire. Such features could be from the sexual stereotypes, racial stereotypes among others that may result in a different conception of the idea being flooded on the social platform (Mangold & Faulds, 2009). People who have a common liking for a certain design can always interact on the same page and find it easy to define all those they choose while eliminating the views of those who may not be in love with the advert.

According to Wright, Khanfar, Harrington & Kizer (2010) the main aim in future advertisements will depend on how much appeal one may have on their clients. This helps bring more understanding of their products as well as winning their affection. This will definitely increase the liking that the person has for a product and consequently increase his or her willingness to acquire the products and services. This may be done by the creation of video games, hosting shows where promotions of the product can be made. This will create more awareness of the product and at the same time improve the liking by the people. According to Fletcher (2008), most of these hosting and video game are designed to make advertisements in the fashion and design industry to go online.

The success of online advertisements has been made possible by some elements in the social media Wright, Khanfar, Harrington & Kizer (2010). There are connectors which are responsible for communicating to the people on the web. This will help in bringing people close together while sharing ideas on the said product. There are also the mavens. These are people who are gifted with charisma and convincing ability to make one love a product. They have all the knowledge about the product and also seek to understand the future of the product. They are actually the reason behind the success of any well-published product online. Salespersons are also key elements here. They convince people on the quality of the product and how far the product of importance and it price worthiness.

Another very important aspect of advertisement that seems to be gaining more ground in the recent past and seems to be gaining popularity is the holistic marketing (Sheth & Sisodia, 2006). It is a new way of marketing where the primary focus lies on the company as a whole. It engulfs all the company activities and products as a whole. This way one can study the organization as a whole while trying to establish the quality and standards. They focus mainly on how products are related in the market, integration, internal and external marketing. This is a complete package as we are not only looking at the products or services offered but also invites people to be part of the company.

It is thus very essential that there be more web-based advertisement platforms in the future for fashion and design companies. This is because the success of it will depend on the ability to draw relevance to the target clients. The power of convincing and introduction of new ideas, ability to convince people to adopt these ideas is quite a challenge. However, when one has managed to stage enough network for his or her products, it is easier to gain more ground and connections with minimum costs possible.


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