Ad Evaluation: Qualities That Make a Good/Bad Ad

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Date:  2023-01-16


An ad refers to a message, which is presented in the form of marketing communication, which utilizes a non-personal tone, for the promotion of the sales of a service, product, or an idea. An advert is established with the aid of a sponsor who wishes to ensure that the product in question achieves adequate sales. However, there are some qualities, which deem an ad either appropriate or bad. The evaluation occurs typically after the advertisement in issue has featured in the media outlets, when the audiences are more interested in the criticism than the message. This paper presents the final project, which identifies the best, and the worst ads, which features in the American media companies.

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The Best Democracy Dies in the Darkness Featured in The Washington Post

The ad was featured by the Washington post in its debut at Super Bowl advertising of 2019, which emphasized the critical aspects of democracy in the society. It could be the best since it met most of the criteria for a good ad. For instance, it involved communications, which appealed to the needs of the audience; therefore, it was relevant. On this note, it included hard-hitting visual ads, which highlighted the significant roles, which journalist play in the context, and the dangers associated with their intervention; this was presented in a suitably iconic voice.

Besides, the messages presented in the ad were based on the need to enlighten society. The creator was interested in informing the audience that it is their responsibility to arise and fight for their freedom (The Washington Post, 2019). The ad reveals that human beings should fight ignorance as the first step towards being free in every society. The Washington post, therefore, acted as a suitable medium, which based the message in n objective way with sufficient facts to convince the community.

The Worst Gillette's New Ad Featured in CNN

The new ad about Gillette emerged the worst based on some of the inadequate approaches and irrelevant messages which appeared controversial among the audience. Gillette is generally known as a tool for shaving; however, according to the ad, there is a message reflecting the movement of the #metoo, which had minimal relevance to the issue intended for communication (Kelly, 2019). It, therefore, follows that the ad was lack of creative strategies; this was further evident in the ad when it indicated what makes a real man, which raised the issue of masculinity, which could not be accepted in the society. Overall, the Gillette ad presented a mixed message which missed the proper aspect of the information. Consequently, it ended up with a confusing advertisement which hardly made any sense. It could have, therefore, been the worst ad appearing in the American media.


The establishment of an ad, which is finally presented to the audience, will not necessarily have to be valid unless some critical communication aspects are incorporated. A right ad must objectives and compiling with all the ethical principles recognized in the society targeted. Subsequently, the communication will have value, and the product represented will have proper sales. Otherwise, an ad is ineffective and will have negative implications for the associated product. It therefore follows that as much as many ads emerge relevant for their purpose, equally, a good number misses it based on the inability to incorporate the considerable requirements.


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